Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bring on Fall!

The newspaper this morning says we’ve had the hottest summer on record. I could’ve told you that! The heat and humidity has sucked the energy right out of me; I’m tired when I wake up! Thankfully, we’re almost out of the thick of it…last week was beautiful, and with hurricane Earl threatening, we’ll likely get some relief this weekend, but oh my. Bring on fall! Please!

It’s a busy time of year…refilling silo, baling yet one more cutting of hay (this year it looks like we might get 6 cuttings!) picking corn, shelling corn, baling corn fodder, cleaning out heifer pens , combining beans, and the list goes on. Although it can get a bit hectic, it’s satisfying to see a lot of what we’ve worked for all summer come to completion.

The kids are back in school as of this week, so there are changes for all of us. They’re adjusting to new routines, and I’m adjusting to being back in the barn every morning. I sure got used to them doing the morning “chores” every day! (Sometime I might even find time to clean the house!}

It’s also Fair season. In three short weeks, it will be time for the   We enjoy spending as much time there as possible. The kids are old enough to go off on their own now…they enjoy going through the tents and accumulating all the candy and “junk” that they can, while Jim and I walk around and catch up with friends. It’s a win-win situation! And of course the food is wonderful…can’t leave without a sausage sandwich and at least one milkshake from the dairy bar!

If we can just hang in there a little while longer, this heat will be replaced by beautiful fall weather, and we’ll be so busy that we'll eventually forget how hot it has been.

I say bring it on!


  1. You have had the hottest summer, while we in Oregon have had a really mild and rainy summer. Somewhere there is a happy medium..... maybe next year.

    Is is normal for your kids to be back in school before Fair season? That would seem, difficult I would think for the kids that are showing animals and doing 4H and other things at the fair. The last fair around here is the state fair and it ends on Labor day weekend.

  2. School usually starts here the week before Labor Day. The fairs begin in late August...4H kids often are excused from school to be at the fair, depending on when their animals are showing!


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