Friday, November 23, 2018

The Tales of a Hot Water Heater...

Once upon a time, there was a hot water heater in a milk house.  It was used hard for several years, and then it began to leak.  It's water was still pretty hot, but the floor in it's corner of the milk house was constantly wet.  This alerted the farmer to a problem, and a new hot water heater was ordered.

When the new water heater arrived, the old one was removed, stripped of it's heating elements and thermostats (because they were still in good working order and you never know if they might be needed sometime!) and delegated to the hot water heater graveyard...

The new one was installed into it's corner, and it began doing it's duty like a champ...

The hot water temperature in the milk house needs to be steadily between 170 - 180 degrees F to properly sanitize the milking equipment and pipeline.  The proper temperature was confirmed, and the new hot water was deemed to be in good working order...

But as we warn people who aren't careful when you wash your hands!


  1. I'm glad you got your new hot water heater for the farm. It's one thing you can't do without. We had two hot water heater replaced after the big spring flood this year. One in the milk house and one in the other end of the barn where my calves are.

    I too warn people to be careful of scalding water when they wash their hands.

    It feels like January here. It's cold and we have snow on the ground.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I am so glad you got a new water heater. Hot water is always so nice. Did I ever tell you that this place years and years ago was a dairy? When my parents moved here, we used the place where they used hot water to wash the implements to feed our baby calves and my Mom heated the water for the milk there. Reading your post brought that memory back of the cold and that hot water. I scalded myself a few times with that water and not realizing it because my hands were so cold. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  3. The things you don't even think of. I had no idea a varn would need a water heater.

  4. Well that sure is a pretty water heater. :) Glad it is working well. Hug B

  5. Hot water is so much a huge part of Milking...HUGE

  6. Happy for you to have the hot water heater installed!
    I love hot water, and always have my hubby crank up our water heater as high as it will go.
    Of course we don't have any littles in the house anymore, so we're safe :)
    My kids often have referred to me having 'Cast Iron Hands' ~LOL!

    We recently had to replace the hot water heater in our home, and we are so thankful that we were able to get that project done before the snowy and icy days of winter hit.

    Warm wishes


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