Thursday, November 15, 2018

First Snowfall of 2018...

It had to happen eventually...

Obviously by that comment,you can tell that I am not a fan of cold weather. I will admit though, that the first snowfall of the season is beautiful!

These first few pictures were taken mid morning...

...and this was mid afternoon...

Most of our trees seem to be late in dropping their leaves this year, so the snow is now scattered with beautiful yellow leaves!

We ended up with about six inches of snow by milking time...just enough that Jim cleared the driveway with the skid loader, as the milk truck is expected in the morning. The temperature is hovering just above freezing right now, so any precipitation is in the form of light rain at the moment. The snow may melt away, or the roads might be an icy mess in the morning.  We'll see what happens over night!


  1. I always love the first snow storm around Christmas but like you, I don't like the cold weather anymore...
    We are having our second snow storm and it just started. We expect over half a foot of snow. The first snow storm turned to rain and left us with ice patches wherever the snow got packed. Now since I'm still not retired, I worry about falling on the hidden icy patches when I carry my milk to the calf barn. We got two new calves on Wednesday and another one due any day.
    Stay safe and warm. Hugs, Julia

  2. Looks pretty chilly. Time for some hot cocoa and a fuzzy blanket. I hope it isn't icy. Nothing worse than icy roads.

  3. What pretty snow. I can't believe you have that much snow so early. I love the pictures with the snow on the pumpkins.

  4. WOW! Nothing nicer than first snow!!


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