Thursday, November 1, 2018

DIY When You Can...

One of the things that I enjoy is Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.  Or maybe I shouldn't say I enjoy them so much as that I get great satisfaction out of taking a problem and fixing it without spending a ton of money.  I attribute this in part to my parents, who with a family of girls on the farm, taught my sisters and I some practical skills that I wouldn't trade for anything!

So...when my dryer wouldn't start spinning until I took half of the wet load out, I knew it was time to do something.  Having dealt with something like this years ago, Jim and I assumed it was a worn out belt.  I got some professional advice first, and then I googled the part I needed and ordered a replacement on Amazon.  (with free shipping because I ordered something for my Dad at the same time that put me over the free shipping amount!)

Yesterday afternoon I did some more research on good old Google, and set out to replace the belt.  In case you've never seen inside your dryer, this is what it looks like with the top open.  That black band that circles the drum about 3/4 of the way to the back, is the belt that turns the drum.  Sure enough, a section several inches long was damaged...

I cut the old belt, which was about to tear anyway, and pulled it out of the dryer...

Before I did that however, I stood on my head (almost) and looked inside, underneath the drum, to see how the belt was routed around the idler sprocket, etc.  It wouldn't do any good to have a new belt without a plan!

After a bit of trial and error, the new belt was in place...

I replaced the front panel (after cleaning out a whole lot of lint!!) closed the top, plugged it back in and pushed it back into place against the wall...

I turned on the power, and...wait for sounded awful!

What a let down!  I didn't know what I had done wrong, but it was not even close to operable.  It was milking time though, and I was tired.  There was no way I was going to tackle it again before bed.

This morning, I put a call into a local appliance store, and talked to someone in the appliance repair department.  He without hesitation, suggested that I had perhaps not seated the drum properly on the gliders inside the front panel.  Of course he was right, and in about 20 minutes the dryer was running quietly!

This is not the first time that this man has helped talk us through a problem with a dryer, washer or dishwasher, in order to avoid a service call.  They know that happy customers are repeat customers!  Thanks to Ron at Martin's Appliance, another project was successfully completed!  Total cost? $6.00.  Total time?  Give or take 1 hour.  I'd say that was well worth it!

Oh wait...I found a quarter and a dime buried in the lint, so the total cost was only $5.65!


  1. Good for you. I'm impressed. My dryer is electronic and I doubt I would attempt what you did unless we had an older repairman with integrity.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. That is by far the best thing about the internet (ok, Pinterest recipes mignmgive it a run)! I'm always looking up how to fix things. IveI used it to fix the washer, but never the drier. Always wondered what it looked like under the hood.

  3. I think that is the best value for $5.65 that I've ever heard of!
    Way to go!!
    Pretty nice that the local repair guy/shop was so willing to help you out with just a phone call.
    So, I love Amazon, and Google, and Youtube. So many helpful things these days to make our lives easier :)


  4. Wow! I am super impressed. Neither my husband or I is great at this kind of thing. Isn't it amazing what we can learn by "Googling" these days?!

  5. Great job. I too was raised to believe that I can do anything. It is a let down when I find things I can't do. I usually go to youtube for the video version of repairs (and sometimes surgery) Always fun finding money.

  6. I have followed you for a while but never left a comment. Another wonderful resource for doing DIY projects is YouTube. We have fixed our washer, our vac, and something in our oven by watching the fix-it videos on YouTube. You can even look them up specific to the brand you are working with!! Watching someone actually do it helps me a lot. Even learning to make a bow is easier to watch someone than to read directions ~~ at least it is for me. I enjoy your blog!!!!

  7. That is so wonderful. We have turned into our own appliance repair man thanks to Google and Amazon. The people here in Bakersfield won't even come out anymore. Great job.


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