Thursday, December 6, 2018

Crow Damage...

Was it crows?  Or was it the eagles Jim saw flying around recently?  Was it both?

Either way, I spent part of the afternoon taping up bird damage to the ag bags.  The balage (hay that was baled before it was dry) inside needs to remain completely sealed to the air in order to ferment and not mold.  Even the tiniest holes can cause damage...

You might have to enlarge the picture (just click on it) to see, but all around the top edge of this bale, there are small holes that have been pecked through to the balage. There are a lot of layers of plastic around the bales, so you know it takes persistence to make these holes. We're pretty sure it's the pesky crows!

This was one of the medium sized holes...only about 1/4" in diameter, but the birds had begun to pull the balage out, and there will probably be some mold inside when we open this bale up for feeding.  That part will have to go in the gutter.  Thankfully most of the holes were tiny, and only a couple were larger...'s hard to see, (here again, enlarge it to see it more clearly) but I see muddy paw prints and claw marks on the side of this bale.  A raccoon perhaps?

This bale was damaged at perfect head height for a crow as it sat on the ground...

Through the eyes of the ag bag tape...

My helpers may be old in dog years, but they still like to go out in the fields with me.  As soon as I head out behind the barn they're right beside me!  Phoebe had been out with us earlier, but decided that lounging in the barn was too hard to resist...

Just another adventure on a beautiful December day!  Several days straight without any rain!  Unheard of here lately!


  1. What a pain in the neck to have to tape up those holes!
    Is there any deterrent that works with the critters to keep them out of the bags? Scarecrows,motion detector strobe lights??
    We put up electric fencing to keep the deer out of our yard in the winters. They will destroy trees, shrubs, and anything else in their grazing path.
    Guess there are 'pests' in about every region ...*sigh**.

    Love your pictures through the opening in the tape.. very cute perspective.

    Warm wishes.

  2. Good silage is the foundation of of good nutrition for dairy cows especially in winter as they can't go to pasture. It's even more important than their dry feed a nutritionist for cattle told me.
    I'm sorry to see the damage the critters has caused. Luckily, you caught it on time I hope. I hope your silage will be OK.

    We have a lot of snow this year and it came in early November. Much earlier than usual.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Crows and Ravens do so much damage. Maybe other big birds...I'm glad you caught it in time.

  4. Wow, I never knew that. I hope you caught it in time. We have had lots of rain for us, in fact we are a half inch away from our yearly total.
    I hope you stay dry for a bit anyway. I love the pictures of your house looking through that tape circle. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. As my dad says, "it's always something!". I hope the crows don't cause too much damage.

  6. That looks like tedious work. Just another thing to add to the hefty to-do list during this busy month! I, too, like the view through the tape.


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