Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving...

This morning in the barn, I had a song running through my head.  

It was written in 1890 by Amos Herr, a Lancaster County farmer and Mennonite pastor, who lived not far from where we live now.  He woke on a Sunday morning to find snow drifts too deep to get to Church with his family...even on horseback. He decided to focus on thankfulness, and wrote this song...

photo credit to my sister Peg

Here are the lyrics...

(imagine it sung acapella...beautiful four part harmony...that's the way I hear it!)

I Owe The Lord A Morning Amos Herr

I owe the Lord a morning song
Of gratitude and praise,
For the kind mercy He has shown
In length'ning out my days.

He kept me safe another night;
I see another day;
Now may His Spirit, as the light,
Direct me in His way.

Keep me from danger and from sin:
Help me Thy will to do,
So that my heart be pure within;
And I Thy goodness know.

Keep me till Thou wilt call me hence,

Where never night can be;
And save me, Lord, for Jesus' sake.
He shed His blood for me.


Here's a link to the song on youtube, if you'd like to hear it... 

The weather here today is not snowy...for which I am thankful! 

In fact, it's beautiful!  Sunny, still, temps in the mid 30's...the kids are both here...and we're planning to see lots of family today, and in the next few days that we don't often see.  We have much to be thankful for!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
    And thank you for your morning song, I copied it down, very sweet verse.
    Have a good Thanksgiving

  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Alica and thanks for the beautiful little song. Your farm photo is very beautiful. Life is good on your farm.


  3. What a lovely post you have made. I am not familiar with this song, but will go to You Tube to hear it. The lyrics are beautiful and thank you for sharing. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.
    Connie :)
    P.S. tell you sister that her photography is beautiful.

  4. a lovely poem/lyrics. happy day to you!

  5. The photo is beautiful!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. : )

  6. What beautiful words in that song. I have never heard it before. Thank you

  7. Just reading this Saturday night, after I've been to church in the cold and rain. I'm going to go listen to the song!

  8. Erase my previous comment, I figured it out, and that is a beautiful hymn, thanks!

  9. Alicia,
    Hope your Thanksgiving was all you hoped it would be. We spent the afternoon with J's extended family. It was a fun and relaxing time with family.

    Our weather has been cold, but nice. Sunny and no wind. J has enjoyed some time hunting with his Cousins. I've been doing little odd jobs at home and enjoying a little down time.

  10. Beautiful image and song. Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving too.

  11. What a nice song. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was very peaceful.


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