Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Barn Cleaning...

What do you do when you have a free morning on a beautiful fall day?

And oh yes... you have a helper?

You wash the outside of the pipeline...

Although the milk never touches the outside of the pipeline, it helps with overall cleanliness in the barn.  Day after day of bedding up with sawdust, spreading fodder in the gutters, and cows swishing their tails (or coughing when they poop!), all the surfaces in the barn get dusty and dirty.  Daniel was helping this morning, and he got that fun job.  It's especially nice that he's tall, and can reach those places that I have to stretch for!

Look how nice it looks when it's finished!  The stainless steel shines...

I got the job of cleaning the barn windows. after day of dust accumulates on the windows.  When we can start writing on them, we know it's past time to clean them!    Here's an embarrassing "before" picture...

First I hosed them down, inside and out...

Then I used a long handled brush with some soapy water to scrub them...

...and after a final rinse, the view is much better!  It makes the whole barn seem so much brighter when these two jobs are finished!

While cleaning is not something I enjoy, it's satisfying to see the difference when the job is finished!  Thanks to Daniel, both jobs were completed in one morning!


  1. Alica, your barn is always so clean and I agree it feels satisfying when everything is clean.... I can't keep up cleaning out spider webs from the ceiling in the old barn. We have huge orb spiders who can spin a web over night right after I clean them up. The dust clings to it and always looks terrible. I've taken down countless spiders but the next day there seems to come out of no where.

    Could you tell me your formula for mixing white wash. Your ceilings are so white.
    Last year I found a formula on the web and it had salt added. I was wondering if it was necessary as the calves will like it off the walls.
    Have a great weekend Hugs,

  2. That's it, my windows will be cleaned today! My house windows, that is. I will not be put to shame by your barn windows. It just won't do. Thanks for the reminder!! :)

  3. Looks good to have every thing nice and clean. I'm sure the cows appreciate it. : )

  4. looks cleaner than my house windows! :)

  5. Hey, you just gave me a great idea for my tall house windows :-)

  6. It's amazing what an improvement a little elbow grease can accomplish.

  7. That's a wonderful helper you have there, Alica!
    How nice that those chores are finishes, and many hands certainly make the chores easier :)
    Love the view you have from the barn windows!!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.



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