Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dreary Days...

Rain...drizzle...more rain...more drizzle...early darkness...

We've had several dreary days here, and I'm feeling the winter blues coming on, so...I'll think of some good things instead.

We spent time with Jim's family on Thanksgiving day.  After we all ate too much (!) the guys watched football (can we please forget how that Eagles game turned out?!) and the ladies and the dog took a walk at a nearby park. It was a gorgeous day!

My family got together on Friday.  We aren't usually all together on Thanksgiving, but my Virginia and Chicago sisters and their families made the trip this year.

We have been referred to already as "the quartet of milk maids"...

On Saturday morning, we made the trek to a  greenhouse near my parents, that has some of the most creative decorating I've ever seen.  My oldest niece had to work, so she's missing from the picture...

Time spent with both our families is a good thing!

I borrowed these pictures from my sister, who took them while on a walk early Friday morning...

I'm looking forward to the sunshine that is supposed to return tomorrow!


  1. love the last one and the sis photo. :) we had rains for several days last week - i know that dreary feeling. :)

  2. At least you don't have to shovel rain! :-{

  3. I am hoping for lots more dreary days!! I know that can't help you when you are in the midst of it. I love the pictures. What a pretty bunch of ladies. I bet you had a wonderful time.

  4. Nice that you got to spend time with your sisters. : )
    Lovely photos.
    Hope you have your sunshine by now. We are into day number 5 of gloomy weather
    here in western Md.


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