Thursday, November 12, 2015

Growing Garlic...A New Project...

You're never too old to try something new, right?

Our family likes garlic...and some of the best I've found has been local, homegrown from our local "Amish Walmart".  The bulbs are huge, and the cloves aren't all dried up like some of the garlic you buy at the grocery store.  And the taste?  Mmmmm...

So...this year I decided to grow my own.  I have a couple of old pallets at the edge of the garden where I grow lettuce, red beets, and other things that are a nuisance to weed.  I plant between the slats, and have found that it works well.

I bought just one large bulb of garlic at a local seed supply store, and followed the simple directions that came with it...carefully break apart the bulb and separate it into cloves...plant them about 2" deep, point side up...cover with 6" of mulch, and wait...

That was about six weeks ago, and look what I have!  Green...when everything else is either dying or going dormant for the winter.  Maybe it's nothing huge to get excited about, but I can hardly wait until next summer when I can harvest my very own garlic!


  1. This made me smile, Alica. I have been growing garlic from a bulb given to me by John's nephew Darren several years ago - Lemley's White, I think it is. Each October I choose a nice big one and plant the cloves. A very easy crop to grow, and it keeps really well. You may want to try to eat the scapes in the spring....some people love them....I am not a big fan. :)

  2. Oh my, you've got me all excited with trying my own garlic. I eat a LOT of garlic and I love the big bulbs. Oh yeah. I peel a whole garlic and throw it in the spaghetti in the last 5 minutes of boiling and i also do this with boiled potatoes. So very good for you and there's no smell.

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Exciting! I can never get organized enough to plant my garlic in the fall. I still have some from my springish planting that I need to dig and see if it's any good. I still need to check the onions too. Oops. And I'm loving the pallet idea.

  4. I do love having green in the winter. Your garlic is lovely. I had a friend who sent me a braid of her garlic. I never knew garlic could be that huge and oh so good. I have never had very good luck with it, but I think it must be the operator error not the garlic. :)

  5. No vampires around either! I never had much luck growing garlic. I would give it another try, but the ground here is now frozen solid.

  6. Been growing several varities of garlic here for years. Always tastes much better than anything you can buy. And it seems easy to grow - plant in October, harvest in late July. Eat all year.

  7. Great idea! Trying something new like that doesn't take a big investment but looks like it already will be a great success. Your spaghetti sauce will never be the same.


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