Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Corn is Up...

It's up!

The corn is up!

This is what a little rain and a lot of humidity (can't you just feel yourself sweating in the shower?) will do to seed corn...

Sorry...this one's a little blurry.  I had a very "helpful" kitty looking for some affection, and she bumped the camera...

On Sunday evening, there was no sign of green in the rows.  Yesterday morning, after the light rain, it was steamy.  By breakfast time, the corn was popping through.  Just twenty four hours later, it's about 2" high.

If you want to follow the life of a corn stalk from a few years ago, you can click here.  You can follow the links back to all of the posts, measuring how fast a corn stalk grows!


  1. that's awesome! very rainy and 'steamy' here, too. :)

  2. Congratulations on the corn popping up. Wow! That's great.
    Now you'll have to watch it grow faster than ever.
    Yay!. We no longer plant corn as there were too many birds destroying them and raccoons too.


  3. Wow that is amazing that it grew that fast. I think that is rewarding about corn.

  4. Looks good! a little heat and rain go a long way for growing crops!


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