Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Sunday Stroll...

They're becoming regular things, these Sunday afternoon strolls.  Usually I take a Sunday afternoon nap, but the weather was so beautiful that we just couldn't stay inside!

I took my camera along, just in case, and of course found some nice photo ops along the way...

Usually the Amish have either horses...or mules...but this neighbor has both. These guys were enjoying their day off...

This farmer has new animals almost every week, or so it seems!  He has a couple of cows that he milks by hand, 4 pigs, and now this spring he added some sheep...who recently added some babies...

We made it the whole way around the 3.2 mile "block" this time, stopping to visit some neighbors along the way.

We'll see where we venture next week!


  1. just beautiful! loved every photo, but the proud horse takes the cake! :)

  2. That was quite a good stroll and the grass looks so lush in that pasture. We've had a beautiful sunny weather for the last few days and I worked outdoors sleeveless.
    Looking forward to next week stroll.

  3. Lucky you to find so many photo subjects in roadside paddocks, Looks like a beaut day.

  4. Good for you that is quite the hike. Beautiful scenery. Hug B

  5. It is just beautiful. I like your walks too.

  6. I love going along on your strolls!

  7. That is some great scenery!

  8. Would you just look at that big, beautiful, blue sky?!
    You have such a beautiful place to take a walk... lucky you :)

    Hope you have a great Mother's day, and a wonderful weekend!



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