Monday, May 11, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Stroll #3...

Ok, they're beginning to become habit forming, these Sunday afternoon strolls.  I don't know how long they'll last, though...because it's getting pretty hot out there!

Yesterday afternoon, after a late lunch, Jim and I headed out for a walk around the golf course across the road.  There's a paved trail the whole way around it...2.3 miles from our front door, around the golf course and back.  I won't tell you how far we made it...but I will say that we turned back part way around and headed for the shade.

Ben, the Amish farmer to the left of the trail has "dragged" this alfalfa field, in preparation for first cutting hay.  He rode his horse through the field, pulling a heavy metal bar behind, to lay the alfalfa over a bit, so that his sickle bar mower will cut it more easily.  You can't see it from the picture, but you can trust me...we could tell it was done!

This old oak tree just off the path is huge!  We wonder how old it is?

Almost home...

This farmer must have baled some rye on Saturday...

See that row of marshmallows along the driveway?' our farm!

Yes...the rye was baled on Saturday afternoon, and the corn planter is parked in the field ready to go first thing Monday morning...

The planter got started this morning, and will hopefully be able to keep going without any headaches.

After he's finished, it can rain!  It's really dry right now, and we could use a good soaker!

Happy Monday!


  1. hooray for 'marshmallows!' gotta feel good. :) the field dragging is interesting!

  2. Yay for marshmallows you are on your way:) Love the views of your farm and the oak tree. Hug B

  3. What a beautiful blog you have here all the time. I loved the video of the cows being let out of the barn can you do one of them up close...again. The marshmallows are enchanting and your farm tranquil and lovely. It is cold here and want to definitely move where sun is shining more soon. Love and blessings and gratitude for your uplifting beautiful LIFE!! love Merri

  4. Those big silage bales will be like money in the bank. Our fields are just starting to dry from being under water.

    I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  5. Beautiful.
    I wish it were getting hot here! We have really had a ton of rain, and I am looking forward to hotter days :)
    You are blessed to live on such a beautiful farm, and have such a beautiful place to go walking.


  6. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you have already cut... it's a winter crop though, right?
    It rained here all weekend and I just went down and tried to plant... HAHAHAHA my footsteps filled with water as I went! Needless to say, I stopped. I'm not cutting til
    Wednesday at least.

  7. It looks beautiful! I like you walks too. I get to see things I wouldn't normally see. I love how green every thing is. I should go take pictures. Everything is already so brown. Green is so much easier on the eyes.

  8. Alicia,
    Hope your week was as productive and the farmer got your corn planted. It amazes me how far ahead of us you are with haying. I know my folks (they live in south central Nebraska) will be tackling first cutting alfalfa before the end of the month too. With good rains we will start haying the end of June-first part of July. We get one cutting off our short grass prairie. We do have some fields of grass/alfalfa mix. Our goal is to harvest as much tonnage for winter feeding as we can.

    I do hope you get the moisture you need. After the Mother's Day snow we got another .30" last night and they have more rain in the forecast.

    To answer your question on the fly tags: yes they are a form of fly control. They are an insecticide ear tag. Branding might not be the best time to put them in as the flies aren't out yet, but we have the calves in a chute and it's convenient to tag them. We also put fly tags in the yearlings come June. The tags do last most of the summer and J thinks they make a difference.

  9. I hope you get some rain now that one crop is in~
    You have a beautiful farm.


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