Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Saying "Goodbye" To My Friends...

It's been good...

It's been fun...

It's been work...

And now it's time to say "goodbye" to some of my friends.  Not my blogger friends, but these friends...

Does it mean I'm getting older?  More tired?  Tired of all the weeding and mulching (that I'm not supposed to be doing?)

Yes.  All of the above.

It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it's time.

I posted on face book this week, that friends are welcome to come and dig whatever perennials they want from this bed, and give them a new home.  A lot of the perennials were given to me by ____.  Numerous friends.  It's fun to walk through and remember where things came from!  I'm transplanting some of my favorites into a smaller bed near the house.

After friends have picked through, we'll try to dig out the rest and sell them along the road.

If you live close, give me a call or a face book message, and come find some new perennials for your beds!


  1. awww. you do need a break, though. last year i was SO impressed by the gardening you did in addition to all your farm and home chores! yikes!

  2. It's difficult, I know. We had to give up our 10 acres, our horses, gardens etc. Remember, when God closes a door He generally opens another. I hope you will continue blogging.

    1. Thanks Ian. I needed to hear that about God closing a many areas of life lately! I'm planning to continue blogging...just had to give up the huge perennial bed because of my back surgery. I do not want to walk that road again!!

  3. I can identify, we are downsizing too in the smaller bed by our house!

  4. Change comes to all of us! I hope you find a home for everything!

  5. Oh Alica, I feel for you. Your beautiful perennial flower bed will be a memory but nothing last for ever. You can always have another flower bed when your back is completely healed, maybe not such a large one.

    I think that it will be freeing for you to not have to care for this garden and I know that you are making the right choice. I'm sure your plants will be so appreciated by your friends.
    Good luck with this.

  6. That's a beautiful flower bed that shows a lot of love and work. It's tough to give up such fine friends but I bet they'll go to good homes and be loved there.

  7. It was beautiful, and sometimes the hardest part is knowing that there is something else for you to try. As my husband says, " Life if an experiment." You will just have time for other things.

  8. I totally understand. Perennials are wonderful, but they also require weeding, dividing, cutting back, deadheading... I am at that stage too. My thoughts are to put in flowering shrubs so that I can still have colour and interest but without as much work. Someone else will love your perennials and they can live on at new homes!

  9. Sorry to hear you cant do anymore gardening I can understand both sides to it though . Hope you find good homes for your pretties and you can rest and take it easy with your back and knowing they will be cared for in their new homes ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  10. Alicia,
    I'm sorry that you have to give up your flower bed, but how fun to open it up and share with your friends and neighbors. Now when they see a specific flower they will think of you!

  11. I was afraid you meant your blog. I was happy to see it was just a flower bed. I wish I was closer. I would really enjoy knowing I had some of you flowers in my garden.

  12. Oh goodbyes are part of growing older and wiser I think.....I hope. You will have plenty to do my friend. Wish I lived closer to visit not get your perennials even though beautiful I am where you are. Tired:) Hug B


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