Monday, April 6, 2015

...and the Farmers Were Happy...

What a gorgeous day today...

...and what a lot got done!

The mercury hit 70 degrees this afternoon...the sky was blue...the farmers were happy...the birds were singing...the breeze was warm...the farmers were happy...the kids were outside on the dirt bikes on the last day of Easter break...

the towels flapped in the breeze and dried on the wash line for the first time this year...

...the watering trough in the meadow was bleached, scrubbed and prepared for the cows  (the other guy decided to hide when he saw the camera!)...

...a couple of "middle school" calves got their ear tags and were moved to the corner hutch...

...Jim seeded his alfalfa...

...the pansies smiled at me...

...and did I mention the farmers were happy today?!

SPRING is here!


  1. Yay for happy farmers!!
    Hope you had a great Easter, and continue to enjoy this beautiful season.


  2. Spring looks good at your place!

  3. this made me grin! i can feel your excitement!

  4. Oh I am so glad you had such a warm and nice spring day. Every thing looks just pretty.

  5. Oh wow, you are so much more advanced than us. We had another snow storm on this Easter weekend. It looked like Christmas instead of Easter.

    Enjoy your nice Spring farming weather. So glad that you got the alfalfa seeded in this nice weather. Hugs,

  6. Alica,
    Yea for nice weather and getting a lot done. Some days I'm amazed at the amount of work we get accompished from sun up to sun down. I hope you have many more "happy farmer" days and a great stand of new alfalfa.

  7. What a beautiful day. I think I went riding instead of working though.

  8. And I bet you had a good Easter, too! :-)


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