Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You Know It's Spring When...

You know it's spring when...

There are lots of ways to finish that sentence, but one way you know it's spring here is that the pens at the other farm get cleaned out.

I'm a few weeks late with this post, but here are a few pictures anyway.

It happens every spring and fall, but there's nothing quite like a barn that's been completely cleaned out of pen pack manure.  Load after load of manure has been spread on the fields, and now bales of corn fodder are tossed from the mow, down through the hole onto the floor below...

(the windows are open now, letting more fresh air in the barn)

Fresh dry fodder has been spread all over the floor of the pens and the skid loader sits idle out in the barn yard...

The cows (with the bull, of course leading the way) are left back into the barn after spending the day outside...

They suspiciously explore their freshly bedded pens...

...and get right back to work at messing them up for the fall clean up!  That one won't take as long, because the animals will all be spending a lot of time out in the meadow before too long!

How do you know it's spring in your neck of the woods?


  1. It's so nice being able to put the cows out after a very long winter. Ours are still inside as there's still some snow and where the snow has melted, it's still too wet.

    I was wondering about your silent calf. How is it doing?

    The St John River is on the rise and we are in flood watch alert as there are some ice jam up river. Hopefully it will be sort itself out but we're supposed to have rain tomorrow.

    A large flock of Red Breast Robins have returned and that's my favorite Spring sign.

    1. The heifers and dry cows are the only ones out so far, and it's just in the barn yard. The grass is still to short and tender for them to be grazing yet. They can hardly wait, I'm sure!
      The silent calf is still silent! I'm not sure what's up with her...never has really thrived like most calves do. She's hanging in there, but...
      And I sure hope you don't get flooding. I remember another time when you had a real time of it with all that water!

  2. Alicia,
    Happy Spring to you! Sounds like a good job done.

    We are seeing a few signs of spring, baby calves, a few buds on the lilac bushes and the grass is greening up. I have been hearing a few bird and frog songs too.

  3. laughed at them quickly messing things up again. :)

  4. A spring chore out of the way! We usually know spring has arrived here because the stinkin' wind starts a blowin'! ;)

  5. My back knows it's spring today, because I've been lifting bags of dirt for the new garden bed!

  6. All that work, and they mess it around ;-) Love your blog name!

  7. Hi Alicia, I had to smile, clean it up and then start all over again messing it up. Such is the course of barn life right??
    I know it's spring here when the storms roll in and the hail stones drop from the sky!!
    Texas Blue bonnets show it's springtime too.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  8. I'm sure most farm animals tend to live longer on well-run farms as yours seems to be. Loved the story of "the twin." Have a great weekend!

  9. LOL about the mess. I used to feel the same way about my horses. It seemed that the minute they came into their clean stalls they had to pee.... and then poop!
    Silly question, but do your cows have much less headroom at the end of the season?!
    I know it's spring here when the birds serenade me with their happy songs in the morning. It always makes me smile!

  10. How nice, I think one of my favorite things is putting down clean shavings for my chickens. I love how they just can't stay away and run in before I have cleaned up my tools.
    I can imagine the cows feel the same way. I am so glad you will get them out on green grass so soon. I am so glad spring is here.

  11. A job well done always leaves a feeling of satisfaction, doesn't it? Things surely wouldn't stay spic and span for long after the cows enter.

  12. Kidding! That's my spring break. Seriously, my magnolia tree is blooming and the grass is green. It must be spring.


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