Monday, April 21, 2014

Signs of Spring...

I've been overwhelmed a good way...with all the signs of spring around me.

Here are a few that I noticed just this morning...

Spring not only brings beauty...but of course brings on more outside work.  It was time to get out the mower again, and to begin cleaning up all the twigs that winter left behind.  It was fun to get at it again...

And the most sure sign of all?

Minnie had her babies on Easter Sunday...underneath the barn cleaner elevator, of all places..

It's kind of hard to see them, but she's curled up around two almost identical looking kitties.  Contact me in about eight weeks, and we'll be glad to set you up with a new pet!  (There are two more litters hidden somewhere in the barn that we haven't found yet, so there are plenty to go around!)

Are you seeing spring?


  1. What a pretty kitty and lovely babies. Your flowers are worth waiting for I think.
    I hope you have a lovely Monday.

  2. ...aww, nothing like newborns!! So purrrrecious. Hope you find homes for them in 8 weeks!!!

    Beautiful tulips...and the shadows cast from the sunlight.

  3. Oh, new kittens! How very exciting! Wishing you wonderful spring weather for all the work that needs to be done there!

  4. Yippee! Spring is finally here!!
    After a long, cold Winter, it is so wonderful to see signs of Spring all around.
    Beautiful flowers, and sweet kitties too :)

    Smiles :)

  5. Only two kittens.... lucky you! I wonder how many others are lurking around? Love the flower pictures, you know that!

  6. Spring and work funny how they go together so well. Great shots Alica. Enjoy some fun too OK kitties will bring smiles for sure.

  7. oh, i wish i could have barn kitties!

    i loved the poppy, too!

  8. Such lovely signs of Spring. Some of my tulips are just poking out of the cold ground. No grass yet to mow.

  9. I think I could enjoy spring 24/7 for 12 months straight.....but then I guess nothing would grow and then die. I always liked the beginning of NEW things!!!!

  10. Isn't Spring just glorious? I enjoy your photos so much.

  11. What beautiful signs of spring! Congrats on the new babies.

  12. i love your flower pics! i didn't get very many yet this year... gonna have to try to get outside a little more before they're gone :)


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