Monday, February 3, 2014

Thank a Trucker...

Once again the ground is white here.

At 4:30 this morning, it was raining...but by about 5:30, the rain had turned to snow, and it's fallen quickly. I'd say that by now (10:15) we have around 6 inches.  This time, instead of a light, fluffy, powdery, easy-to-push snow, it's a wet, heavy mess.

Our milk truck usually comes relatively early...just after morning milking, and today he was right on schedule...until he got to our farm.  The roads were not yet (and still haven't been) salted or plowed, and he has to almost stop to make the sharp left turn into our driveway.  To make it worse, it's on a hill.  You can probably guess what happened...

Surveying the problem, and trying to figure out the best way to get un-stuck and in the driveway...

Jim scraped the snow off the road all around the truck, and up the the hill to our upper drive.  The truck usually comes in the lower drive, but the way it is situated, they decided to try coming in at the top of the hill instead...

Throwing down salt and putting on more chains...

A lull in the action while a buggy passed by...

And finally...

Jim hooked up the D-17 to the milk truck...gave him a pull to get started...and they got up the hill and in the driveway.... time you take a drink of delicious cold milk, be sure to thank a trucker for driving in all kinds of conditions to get the milk from the you!


  1. oh, dear! so glad he was able to continue on his route - with your help!

  2. What a mess! Glad you were finally able to get him in and hopefully back on the road for a safe rest of the trip.

  3. No doubt!! We live on a hill and our milk truck driver does pretty good and the man who plows the road, I have to thank both of them. We had one driver who wouldn't even attempt the hill in the snow and never called us to tell us. By the time we figured out he wasn't coming they couldn't get another truck to us and our tank was full so that night and the next morning as we milked we let it go down the drain. What a waste!

  4. The picture with the buggy is my favorite, too. :-) What a crazy story! I love all these windows into life in the snow as you run your farm and care for your cows. It's a world I can barely imagine!

  5. Wow that is just scary and amazing at the same time.
    When your parents get here it might be nice. There will be blooms on the trees. Since they are staying in a pretty part of town they might see all kinds of things like the Chinese Magnolia blooms I do think they are so pretty to see.

  6. Wow, I'm glad they were able to get him unstuck! I like the picture with the buggy too. :)

  7. Thank you thank you trucker and the friendly helpful farmer too:) Hug B

  8. Farmers are very smart people. They need to be smart and think of how to solve problems all the time. Let's hear it for Jim for getting that milk truck unstuck so kids can have their milk. I'm glad that they could pick up your milk.

  9. Rain turning to snow is a bad combination. Glad you got the milk turn unstuck and hope the rest of his day went good.

    Snow, cold and slick conditions make for extra work on the farm, be safe Alicia.

  10. I hate driving to work in my Jeep. I would be terrified to drive a huge truck. I always wave at truckers. Here in the hills it is logging trucks, out on prairie it is livestock trucks, and East river milk trucks. They are brave people to me. Not only for the bad weather, but also how early they get up to do their job.

  11. I'm married to a truck driver, and they always appreciate a kind word. Most people would blame the driver for getting stuck. Thanks for lending a helping hand!


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