Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Five Friday...

I'm having fun with the Random Five Friday posts...

Some days or weeks, especially right now, it's hard to find the time to sit down and write a complete post about one event, so putting several things together all in one post is just right!

Life's been pretty busy around here the past few weeks, as I'm sure it is for most of you.  This beautiful spring weather has made everyone here...including the cows...happy.  They're spending most of the day outside grazing, and are much more content.  We've had wonderful temps, and low humidity (yay!) and just enough rain to (hopefully) pop the corn up quickly, and to make the grass grow like crazy!

1.  I don't like thunderstorms.  Never did.  Probably never will.

Here's what the sky looked like just after milking time tonight...

It just started raining a few minutes ago, and I saw a little lightning, and just heard some thunder, but I don't think it will be too bad.

2.  We've been mowing the yard twice per week of late.  We put some "Weed and Feed" on it a couple of weeks ago, and does that stuff ever work!  If I hadn't mowed today, I think Jim might have had to use the haybine, it was that thick!

3.  Both kids are finishing up their track and field seasons this week.  They both run distance, and each got a new PR (personal record) in the 1600m this spring.  Eric ran a 4:49.9, and Jenna a 5:59.  We're proud of their accomplishments!

4.  I'm soon finished with my mulching for the spring, and it feels so good!  A few weeks ago, when I looked at the weeds that continued to grow all winter long in the mild temps and damp winter we had, I thought I would never get to this point!  This is my favorite spring perennial bed.  It's not yet in full bloom, but it's getting there...

5.  Jim started mowing first cutting of alfalfa hay already this evening!  He just called to have someone come pick him up, as it's now dark and the storm is rolling in.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. Cutting hay already? We are still waiting for it to emerge! I'm not a big fan of lawn fertilizer. To me, it just means cutting the lawn more often (at 4 hours a crack). :-{

  2. You have been busy like me. I leave early in the morning and i come in when it's dark.

    My lawn could use some weed and feed as we have so many weeds on ours. I work the yard by myself and never have enough time to care for it properly and the flowerbeds as well.

    I've been mulching with bought bagged soil and I'm wondering if it will make any difference.
    Your flowers looks beautiful, especially those gorgeous white ones. I like that they don't bloom all at once. There is always something new blooming. The rain sure made a huge difference here too these last two days. Everything is just blooming and the leaves are popping out everywhere.

    Happy weekend,

  3. I miss doing what you do. Oh, I still have a few veggie gardens and a couple apple trees but what I miss are the critters. This aching ol' body no longer allows. Your perennial bed is already so gorgeous. Our winter rye is just starting to peek and the deer are already mowing it. lol they have to eat too. I loved watching the bale wrapper, something I haven't seen before. Love coming to visit. It takes me back to gentler times.
    Oh, and thanks for posting your friend Brenda's No-Knead Bread~it's quickly becoming our favorite. I even heard the guys raving about it. Greatly appreciated.

  4. we had rain here in Texas also...much needed...I love your header...

  5. Wow you are cutting hay I guess Ian and I know what waiting for even pasture is like this spring here in Canada it is slow coming. Oh It is nice coming here and seeing your garden it is beautiful. The kids are doing great.
    I loved to see Dar's comment above hugs to her.
    Oh it is going to get even more busy as the weeks go by for me but it looks like you are weeks ahead of me. Take care and rest when you can. HUG B

  6. Beautiful flower bed, Alica. Is the white one an azalea?

    Hard to believe that you are cutting alfalfa already! Wish I could buy some. Not much of it grown down here.

    1. Thanks Ray! Yes, the white one is an azalea! They are in full bloom around here this week!

  7. The alfalfa field across the road from us is so green and lush right now. I bet they start harvesting as soon as it dries out here.

    So nice you joined in this week Alica. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day. xo

  8. Excellent times in the 1600m, beautiful flowers and can't imagine mowing hay already (60 and raining here with chance of frost on Monday.)

  9. Your flowerbed is beautiful ~ and I love your header with the cows. I love black & white cows!

  10. You do have such pretty flowerbeds. I just love your daily life on the farm.
    I bet when you have thunder and lighting it is quite a show.
    Congrats on your kids too.
    Have a lovely Mother's Day too.

  11. Have a good weekend too! Loved the random five, and your flowers look so healthy and well tended. Good luck with keeping up with the lawn.

  12. I just hope we can actually plant crops someday. :-)

  13. I've never lived in an area that gets storms, so it's fascinating to me. What a busy time of year. Everything is growing so fast and yet our lives just seem to get busier with all the 'other' things. No rest for the weary! Cheers, Jenni

  14. Alicia,

    Beautiful spring weather does do a lot for moral.

    We are experiencing drought conditions. I have not started mowing and see the yard is looking shaggy.

    We hope to catch a few rains so we have hay to put up. The Hubby keeps telling me that if we have no hay to put up we will be doing a lot of fencing projects.

    Thanks for stopping in at The Ranch Wife Chronicles.


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