Sunday, May 12, 2013

Frost Warning...'s getting chilly out there tonight, and there's a chance of frost for the early morning tomorrow!

Before you say, "You should have known better..." let me ask you if you were tempted to get out there in your garden the past week or so, with the beautiful weather we've been having?  I thought so....   :)

I tried to be good, really I did, but I just couldn't help it.  The onions, potatoes, lettuce, radishes, and other cold weather plants have been doing great.  The rest of the garden looked so lonely, so after sitting my tomato plants out on the porch for a week or so, I decided to risk it, and plant them in the garden.  Last week, I dug out my sturdy, square tomato cages, and got my hands in the dirt.

A few days ago, I was at my favorite greenhouse, and we got to talking about how we might have frost this weekend.  I came home with some plastic bags that originally held some potter's mix.  I cut off the bottoms, and they slipped perfectly over my cages...a nice snug fit...

I then slipped another bag over the top, making a tent to protect my tomatoes and my over-eager gardening!   Tomorrow morning, I'll remove the bags, and save them in case I need to use them again.  (Thanks Jack!)

My green beans are up about two inches, but there's really nothing I can do to protect them.  If they freeze, I'll just have to replant.  I have plenty of leftover seeds, and they come up quickly, so while it might be disappointing, it won't be a tragedy.

On another note...

Gato found a new place to sleep...

Right in the middle of my new herb garden, on top of the garlic.  Of all the places he could have chosen.

Maybe he likes the smell?


  1. Im glad we are not the only ones wanting to get into the garden! we have been careful and only done the onions so far. the rest we have started in the house and they really need to be replanted soon! i hope that those tomatoes are okay. we cut the tops off of liter bottles that we save for the plants. and it works like a little greenhouse!

  2. Brilliant idea Alica I have not planted too much but we had the frost too. B

  3. Alicia,
    I did some work in my flower bed and scattered wild flower seeds on Friday. I use 4 old tractor rims as my containter garden. On Friday I got them ready to go. Hope to get plants next week.

    Hope all your garden plants survive the frosty night.

  4. Frost??? Gee Whiz, we had 102 yesterday. I would gladly trade.
    I think that stuff around your tomatoes is a really great idea.
    I am sure the frost warnings will be gone.
    Have a great week Alica.

  5. Hope you weathered the frost. They always say around here to use old blankets or sheets rather than plastic. I did see a bit of frost on the bottom this morning. I did do some gardening yesterday, actually starting to clean it off. :-)

  6. In our area we do get some late frost and I have used this method of protecting my tomatoes for years. I put the bags on when I plant them in the garden until the weather is stable and all danger of frost has passed. The next year I use clean new bags so I don't spread blight. My cages are smaller and I slip grocery bags.

    I haven't started and tomatoes this year. Maybe you need some catnip planted in another location to lure the cat away from your herb garden


  7. Good idea covering the tomato plants, I hope they came through okay! The cat is funny, did you explain to him that it was NOT catnip?!? LOL!!

  8. GREAT idea! I resisted the urge to plant but I did put the garden in yesterday after the threat of frost was over.

  9. Your garden sounds great! I hope it doesn't freeze, but at least you're prepared. I just planted some beans tonight--it's 80 degrees, which feels crazy hot right now.

  10. I hope your tomatoes and tender plants survived the frost. We're having a heat wave here. I'd have my seeds in the ground and the tomatoes set out in their little water greenhouses but I'm a couple of weeks behind due to doc's orders about lifting and stuff. Probably a good thing. Frost always waits until it can do the most damage.

  11. Hey -- I say kudos to your efforts. I have only planted some zinnia seeds. With record lows and record highs (100+ yesterday), I'm at a loss as to when the garden should be planted. You go girl. xo


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