Friday, May 24, 2013

Fresh Strawberries...

It's been a strange week.  Like spring usually is, it's been busy.

We've had strange weather...a couple of hot, humid, typical Pennsylvania late spring weather days, and now it's cold and rainy!  The insulated coveralls have been washed...again...and put away until next winter, but they almost got pulled out again this afternoon!  We don't know how to dress...but we don't mind putting off the hot stuff for another week or so!

1.  Chilly weather aside, look what I found in my garden this morning...

This is the first time picking my new patch.  Oh my, are they tasty!

2.  I've recently been reading a book...the Animal Vegetable Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver.  Hopefully I'll finish it soon...but every time I pick it up, I fall asleep.  Not the book's's very interesting!  Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting old!

3.  I spent some time this afternoon at Goodwill...digging through the clothing bins for barn shirts for .85 each.  If they get stained the first time they're worn...and they's no great loss!  While waiting in line for what felt like forever...I got to talking to the people around me.  They were buying things to resell on eBay!  I had no idea, but they said they make a lot of money doing this.

4.  Here are last year's raspberries.  I had to protect them from the dogs digging them out...

...and here they are this year. I think they're happier now... and this is after I thinned them!  They have gone wild...and are already loaded with blossoms...

5.  There are only seven days of school left!  But who's counting?

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  1. Oh good your school will be out soon. Don't you just love it when school is out and life just takes on a slower pace. Really, people were selling stuff on ebay? Gosh I had no idea.
    We are having really cool weather right now too and even rain in the forecast for Monday. I am not complaining either it is just hard to know how to dress.
    Well have a lovely weekend.

  2. Raspberries! Strawberries! Sooooo super yummy. :). I love to shop at Goodwill. Lots of great deals. (And i don't sell those great deals on e-bay.)

  3. Wow, I had no idea that raspberries grew that fast. It looks like you will have lots.

    School is out early in your area. Here in New Brunswick Canada, public schools ends on June 21, later in some other provinces. It will feel good to take a break from school. I have no idea for homeschool though.

    We are having lots and lots of rain this past week. I'm looking forward to some dryer gardens so I can work outside.
    Have a lovely weekend and happy Memorial Day on Monday.

  4. Your strawberries look so luscious. Last week was warmer than normal and this week I had to turn the heat on. It's a holiday weekend and it looks like it will rain all weekend.

  5. Enjoy those berries! Yummm.

  6. I can not believe you have already strawberries. Slightly jealous. Here in finland,mine are just recovering from long winter....

  7. oh, jealous on the berries! :) we had that delayed summer stuff, too. cool wave after cool wave this year - but i enjoyed it! now it's high 80s and humid!

  8. Your strawberries look delicious. The weather has been strange here, also - kind of on the cold side tonight. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Those strawberries are beautiful and do look absolutely delicious.

  10. Those strawberries look awesome as do your raspberries. Do I see some jam and jelly in your future? :) Thanks for sharing this week. xo

  11. Your raspberry bush looks great! I can't wait to pick our crop this year, we had enough for jam and on top of ice cream. Our strawberries I'm re-locating to smaller plots as the deer had eaten almost our whole crop last year, only this year they haven't gone near them...can't figure those deer out.

  12. Oh my gosh, we have never tried raspberries but we want to this year. Your's give me courage!

    And the strawberries... the ONE thing besides clematis I can't get to grow!

  13. Nice strawberry crop! Good looking raspberries. You've saved them from the dogs and will soon have a reward for your work. Jealous.

  14. Your strawberries look delicious and those raspberries are looking great! Love fresh fruits and veggies!

  15. I cannot wait until our raspberries take off! We just moved to an 1880s farmhouse. I transplanted 67! Hoping for a whole hedge.

  16. I'm afraid many of my raspberries didn't make it through the drought and goats last summer. My strawberries have survived, but I need to try and reclaim them. It's going to be quite the task.


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