Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodbye Irene...

Well...we're glad that's over!

First off, let me say that we are very fortunate, and very thankful that we only saw a smidgen of what a lot of the east coast saw of Hurricane Irene this weekend!

All day yesterday the clouds rolled in, but we had no steady rain until milking time last evening.  By then, the rain was steady and the wind had picked up.  We went to bed and got a few hours of sleep until "something" woke us around 3 am.  Things were definitely happening outside!  The wind was howling and the driving rain was seeping in around some windows where it wasn't supposed to.  Jim went out to the barn to check things out, and had been back inside for just a few minutes when the power went out.  We lay in bed, seeing blue flashes in the night sky...were those transformers exploding? 

We were wondering when we'd last needed to use our generator, and wondering how it would work for morning milking...

It's time consuming to do the work this way, but if we wouldn't have had the generator, those ladies woulda been a hurtin'!  Our generator will run only one major thing at a time...the vacuum pump for milking...then the compressor to cool the milk...then the barn cleaner to empty the gutters...then the pipeline washer...etc...  It was almost lunch time when Jim was halfway up to the top of silo with a silage fork, to fork out silage by hand, when the power came back on.  He was more than happy to climb back down and throw the switch!

This was a typical scene.  Once again, we are thankful that this limb was on a telephone line, not an electric line, and it only stretched the line, didn't tear it...

This is what's left of the corn field behind the barn that we chopped on Friday.  Not down too bad, but definitely leaning...

This one section of our neighbor's field didn't fare so well...

We only had 3 1/2"  of rain, and minimal damage.  There are still people locally who are without power, and people with flattened corn fields.   Many in other areas have experienced flooding and other damage. 

By milking time tonight, it was hard to believe that just twelve hours ago or so we were on the edge of a Hurricane!  The skies were a beautiful blue once again!  I find that amazing!

It was definitely not my choice, but definitely a memorable way to celebrate my birthday! 


  1. Thank God you didn't suffer more damage. I bet your counting your blessing by now. Maa

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear that you fared well thru the storm.

  3. Glad to learn you, yours and the livestock weathered Irene. Sounds like she was a right rowdy birthday party guest!

  4. Oh Alica I am so glad you made it relatively unscathed. Milking with no power sounds exhausting.
    It is funny I watched the little plane on my computer go around this big green monster while waiting for my girls to get to Holland. Amazing how they can get around it.
    Did someone say birthday? Happy Birthday. Have a good one. B

  5. Thats right goodbye Irene, and i hope i never see you again. Unless your bringing some food. Richard from Amish Stories

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICA!!! So glad to hear the farm made it thru the storm ok....-Rhoda

  7. Id like to invite everyone to my blog Amish Stories today to read a post from old order Mennonite Jean of New York state. Jean has taken-in a foster child named Michael whose parents are no longer able to take care of him. He's English and Jeans family is old order Mennonite (horse and buggy) but that makes no difference in the love that this young man is receiving from this family. Thank you folks and i hope to see some of you drop by the blog. Richard

  8. Happy Birthday! You certainly won't forget this one. I'm glad things weren't any worse for you.

  9. Oh well, first off:

    second, i'm glad your doing oke and that you had "minimal" damage! I showed bastiaan the picture of the corn and he just cringed... not good.

    I hope your mammo's came out fine???



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