Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is it?

Just for fun...

 I took a few pictures of some of the "tools of the trade" that we use regularly, for you to guess what they might be...

Just post your answers as a comment, and in a day or so I'll post the correct answers and explain how we use each item.  This was Eric's idea...have fun!

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  1. I'm going to feel stupid if I get something wrong.
    2. chains to pull a calf
    3. nipples for bottle feeding
    4. spray bottle for fly spray
    7. tagger for ear tags

  2. 1. pill pusher
    2. birthing chains
    3. nipples
    4. spray bottle for udders
    5. clamp to prevent kicking cows
    6. ear hole punch for tags
    Fun idea!--My kids enjoyed this.

  3. Great idea Eric!!
    1. shots
    2. to pull calves. Could have used one of those this spring. Mr Farmer was able to get it though.
    3. bottle nipples
    4. teat prep spray
    5.To calculate the weight of a cow
    6. ear tagger

  4. Great Idea I think Mary was right on all of these. B

  5. 1. a bolus gun?
    2. birthing chains
    3. calf bottle nipples
    4. spray bottle of teat dip
    5. clamp to prevent kicking?
    6. ear tagger

  6. Dang! Didn't see this post until I read the top one.


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