Saturday, July 23, 2011

What is it? The answers...

On Thursday, I posted a collage of some of the items we use on a regular basis, asking for guesses as to what they might be...

I got several responses, and got some great guesses.  One of you, a fellow dairy farmer, guessed them all correctly, except for #3.  That one was a little tricky!  Here are the answers...

#1.  Pill gun - used to administer pills to a cow  (it doesn't help that the end of the pill gun is off the picture in the collage!  Didn't notice that until it was finished)

#2. Calving chains - used to assist a cow in giving birth. 

#3. Milker plugs - sometimes we have a cow that is a "3 - teater" , and we put one of these plugs in the "extra" teat cup on the milker to keep it from taking in air, sawdust, or something even less desirable

#4. Spray bottle with teat spray.  After we take off the milker, each cow's teats are sprayed with an iodine based solution to seal the ends of the teats and keep them clean.  This helps prevent mastitis infections.  (if you look closely, you'll see that the bottle sprays up, not out...this way we can easily spray her thoroughy)

#5. Kick clamps.  Sometimes we have a cow that has an attitude, and just doesn't like to be milked.  These clamps fit over her hips to keep her from kicking front and knocking the milker off.  (or kicking us!)  They don't hurt her...just keep her in line for a few minutes!

#6. Ear tagger.  Think of it as getting your ears pierced.

Thanks to those of you who submitted guesses!

Now it's back to trying to stay cool!  Yesterday's temp of at least 105 was record breaking, and the humidity made it feel much hotter!  Today is still hot, but a little less humid with a slight breeze. The barn (with all the fans running) is cooler than the house these past few days!


  1. Try to keep cool Alica it is the same here. I don't know how my cows put up with it they huddle under trees. There is a nice breeze here a warm one but a breeze. My Hero is cutting hay I will be busy baling again soon. B

  2. Can definitely tell I'm not a dairy cow farmer! I wonder on Scarlet (Boer goat) if her triplets can't get some milk from her extra teat. Sorry-just those teat cups made me wonder...

  3. Ha guessed them all but the pill popper. Ours was different. Hope things cool down. I was just thinking last night I wouldn't have many freinds if I couldn't take a shower when it is this hot. I stink. Wonder what they did back in the "good old days?"


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