Saturday, April 2, 2011

There's a Chicken in My Laundry Room...

"They're establishing their pecking order!"

I'm sure you've heard that saying before...but once you've seen chickens in action, it takes on new meaning...

A few weeks ago, we acquired three Americauna hens that lay beautiful, pale green eggs.  At first I thought the chickens themselves were nothing much to look at, but now, after a few weeks, they've grown on me!  I like their personalities!  They're rather shy, and hang out together, away from the "oldies", taking their dust baths at the far side of the pen and cleaning up the leftovers when I toss goodies over the fence. 

And it's no wonder!

As chickens adjust to newcomers, establishing their pecking order is just what it sounds like.  They will peck, squawk and chase away "anyone" they think doesn't belong.  And...if they draw blood, they will continue to peck until the injured bird is mortally wounded.

Thus, the chicken in my laundry room...

I fed the chickens yesterday morning before breakfast, and at lunch time checked the nesting boxes again for eggs.  I found this poor chicken injured from being pecked in the face. 

Now...anyone who knows me well, knows that as much as I love animals, I don't want them in my house.  But...this chicken deserved some special attention.  We put her in a box with clean straw, water and feed, and brought her into the laundry room overnight.  This afternoon I checked her out, and saw that her face was dried and beginning to heal, so I cautiously re-introduced her to the chicken pen. 

After milking tonight I checked her again, and she's doing fine.  No fresh injuries, and she was settled into a nesting box for the night.  We'll watch her closely, and separate her again if we need to, but I'm hoping for the best...I really don't care for chickens in my laundry!

Maybe tomorrow I'll even find another beautiful green egg!


  1. Alica that is a good save. I have had chickens in my kitchen, piglets in my basement and kitchen. Calves in the basement (once) I would not recommend that one. We do what we have to do don't we. B

  2. Glad you found her in time to help. I certainly agree that I don't want farm animals in my house. It really isn't as cute as it sounds.

  3. I remember our chickens doing that to any new comers , Glad you cought it in time. we had chickens in our kitchen and lambs in our basement for a bit cause mama died giving birth. It is amazing what we will do for our animals. Have a great day !

  4. I have had chickens on my dryer and in my bathroom. It is funny no one ever thinks it odd. More like that is just what you do when you love your animals.

  5. I hope you get some green eggs soon : ) Looks like a cozy spot for her while she was healing.

  6. I am so glad you visited my Farm Journal/blog because now I have found yours! We had a small dairy and retired in 2004. I loved those Holsteins and hated to see them go,but it was time for us.

    Now all I milk is Willow and she is a handful.

    Like you, I had to grow into my Americaunas! They were never standoffish though, but I was able to keep them in a separate area for several days where they could get acquainted with the other girls through the fence before I released them.

    My rooster is half Americauna; half Buff Orpington so the green eggs under my setting hens will be 3/4 Americauna. I am anxious to see them!

    I will be checking back in the archives to read more about your life on the dairy farm.

  7. oh those mean chickens, it's like a bunch of high school girls. :) . So glad you were able to save her.


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