Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Kids on the Block...

Well, we've done it...we've become goat owners...or at least Jenna has!
Yesterday afternoon, we picked up her two Boer goat kids and brought them home to their new pen.  When she got off the bus after school, she saw that the pen was no longer empty, dropped her violin and her backpack on the porch, and went running!  Finally!

We've already learned a few things...

Goats can get out of almost any kind of pen if they so choose!  Over and over again!
(thanks to Eric for some last minute pen-reinforcement!)

They eat sticks!

They love company!

They are irresistably cute!

The dogs are quite jealous...especially Murphy!

We've got LOTS more to learn.  The goats are Jenna's 4-H project.  She will be responsible for their care and training, and will show them at the West Lampeter Fair in late September.  For now, though, we're just enjoying getting to know them and watching their amusing antics...

This is April...

...and this is Chuckles...

How could anyone resist those cute faces?!!

So...we are now not only married to the cows, but to the dogs, the chickens, the cats, and now the goats as well!

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  1. You will love the goats! They have such unique and fun personalities! Congrats on the expanding family.

  2. My human told me you were getting goats. Too bad they aren't Saanens. If you have questions, feel free to ask me. After all, I am a goat, and that makes me an expert!

  3. Oh my goodness! Sooo cute! You are one of us now. Nothing more addictive than goats. You have been warned.

  4. Your goats are so cute. Visiting from Farm Friend Friday. I just followed you. Please stop by my farm blog and say hello.

  5. They are beautiful! We absolutely love our Nigerian Dwarfs... even Hubby who was initially reserved about the venture. Have a blessed weekend! :)

  6. Oh My....just let me say, goats will steal your heart! I love my boys! Let me suggest a very friendly, safe and informative site that I have belonged to since bringing my boys home over 4yrs ago will find that goats are in a club of their own when it comes to health issues and treatments.

  7. Alica this will be fun for Jenna and all of you. Goats are very interesting never boring little creatures. I miss mine. Good luck B

  8. I see you were unsuccessful in resisting the temptation -- good for you! I've seen so many cute goat pictures over the past few months, it's been extremely difficult for me to resist.

    But I'm still trying -- your cute photos are not helping any! :)

  9. Wonderful news of your new members of the family, goats are fun, cheeky and have great personalitys you will have a lots of laughs! Have a wonderful Easter !

  10. So cute... can't wait to see them!


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