Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At Last...

I think it's safe to say that most of us know what it's like to have spring fever.

These past few weeks, we've seen more hours of daylight...the robins have returned...the daffodils are in full bloom...we've seen more of our neighbors than we have in months...there's a "lovely" smell in the air... and the days are just a bit warmer (at least they're supposed to be!)...

But it's not just us who have spring fever...the cows have it too!  They've been getting restless...very restless!

When we let them out in the mornings for excercise, they stand in the barnyard and look longingly over the wire into the meadow.  They kick up their heels and some of them balk at coming back into the barn.  Their behavior during milking is less than stellar, and they can't seem to ever consume enough food!

Today we left them out to graze in the rye field for the first time.  Jim left them out of the barn slowly, row by row.  I stood at the bottom of the path by a temporary wire, to "help" them figure out which way to go, and to keep them from running through wires in their excitement.  (That part didn't work!!)  Their reactions were typical of the first time out in the spring...

Here, Belle leads the first pack into the meadow...  She is ALWAYS first.  (she should know the ropes by now since at age twelve she's the oldest cow in the herd!)

Here comes a group of younger cows...the one in front just realized there's a wire in front of her, and has skidded to a stop!  I like to watch their faces...look at the second cow's ears!  She knows there's something exciting happening...she's also the one who broke throught the wires...

This cow thinks she's part race horse!  She knows the way to the rye field from last year, so there's no holding her back...

They've made the final turn and can see the rye field dead ahead!  They're closing in fast ...


At last...

A cool spring day spent in the sunshine, and a belly full of rye...who could ask for anything more?!

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  1. Oh I agree.....Spring Fever is in the air for sure finally! Love the pics of you is so fun to watch how frisky animals are the first weeks of Spring, we have a horse farm near us and the horses are so full of watching them gallop across the pastures.

  2. Oh, I love those pics! Brings back such memories as a girl when we let the heifers out in the pasture for the first time. How they would kick up their heels and dance! We're longing for that day around here, but with all this wet land, mud and yet another "significant" snow fall expected for tomorrow, I'm afraid it is still a number of weeks away. So for now I'll be content with the pictures from others, knowing that our time will come! :)

  3. Funny pic of the cow skidding to a stop, you can see that she has locked up her back legs! It can't get warm fast enough this year:@)

  4. Yup spring gets every thing in a frisky mood. I love the photos of your Holstien girls, when I was 6 I nearly got trampled by a herd of Holstien cows from the field next to our farm they broke through the fence and on to our property they were trying to get to our bulls, it was spring then to. Have a great day !

  5. Okay I LOVE your photos. That first one could be a postcard, calendar, something. Just beautiful and gives me hope that spring, is, in fact, just around the corner.

    All those cows can't be WRONG. Right?

  6. Love the photos. The cows look like they are enjoying getting out and about. :)

  7. Alica I always love the exact moment they figure it out, then they all start running to the field. I can't wait for that moment here. It is snowing and our pasture is still brown but they keep looking. I always love being the one holding the wire so they won't go the wrong way.Ha ha. B

  8. i love it when cows go out for the first time! I am a little more worried about heifers, cause you never know what your gonna get! These girls seem pretty happy!!!


  9. Cute post! They sure look content in the last picture.


  10. I must say the goats have spring fever too! They have been pushy and crabby and cranky. That green looks so good.

  11. Beautiful pics and I just love your gorgeous white barn. We just purchased our first milk cow last week, so I have cow on the brain. :)

  12. oh how cute! a cow parade! love this. my grandparents were dairy farmers in vermont.

  13. I love your barn!! The cows are great too. So pretty and green. Thanks for stopping by, I really like that picture of your three hens on the fence that could be a great card. Maybe it is I just really like chickens in any form. :)
    Thank you for stopping by today. I have been making my way through the linky list today.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. My favorite photo on this post is the first one! It is such a great shot! I can imagine how happy they were to finally reach the field of rye...that's so cool! Yes indeed, everyone has spring fever! We've had big gigantic snow flurries the past two days. It did stick to the grass but it didn't last long.

  15. Lovely! What a rich heritage you have... It's great you know your fortunes!

  16. I love those pictures, and your story was great! My uncle milked Holsteins for years and I loved to be among them. Can't wait to read your stories some more!


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