Monday, April 25, 2011


Just a week or so ago, I posted about the rye field that we were planning to section off for the cows to graze to their hearts' content. 

 They spent several days grazing, but then the rains came...and then it rained some more...and some more...

Sometimes things just don't go as planned.  The ground was too soft and wet for more grazing...and now it's time to be thinking about planting corn.  So... the rye needs to come off.  We've had to resort to Plan B...or is it Plan C?

Today Jim mowed the rye.  It will either be chopped and put into the silo at the other farm for the dry cows and heifers, or baled at high moisture into round bales.  The final result will depend on how much more rain we get this week.

Jim is quite pleased that the thirty five year old Haybine worked like a charm!   

As he was mowing, a fox went running through the field...but he was too fast for my camera!

The newly mowed field...

Now we just need to wait and see what the weather holds...several sunny, warm days would be quite welcomed!!


  1. Looking Yum! Well not for me but for our cows!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. It looks so good! Sometimes the old equipment works better than the new. I hope you get your dry weather! My rye is still very short and sparse. We'll be replanting with something sometime when it dries out enough to be able to plant.

  3. Oh, I think I can smell that sweet fragrance from here! Looks great! :)

  4. Oh I would love to be there and smell that, we have not even got close to pasture time here. Hopefully by the end of May. I love the smell and look of freshly cut anything. B

  5. Beautiful! Amazing how fast that grew up. We are desperate for some sunshine and warm weather here before we can get anywhere near a field.

  6. I love the rye field. It looks so nice and big and green.
    I hope you get lots of sunshine for a while.

  7. People don't realize how much work it takes to keep dairy cows lactating. Beef is so easy compared to dairy. I can say that because we dairy goats and , by far, they are the most difficult and expensive to feed and maintain a quality animal.
    Keep it up
    God bless


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