Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farm Memories #3...The Big Pull-Off"

I just got back tonight from a refreshing weekend away...scrapbooking at the beach with friends!  We got little sleep, but got lots of memories preserved, and now it's time to think about getting back to work!

Speaking of's another story from Jim's Uncle Ray...more memories from life on the farm ...

"The Big Pull-Off"

We neighbor boys were very Patriotic to our farm tractors!

We had a Farmall Super H with big rear tires.  Our neighbors had an Allis Chalmers WC.

One time I challenged them to a pull-off to see which tractor was best...

The "H" was higher on the drawbar, so by using a short chain, I was able to lift some weight off of the "WC".  We started our pull on the road in front of our house. We hooked the tractors together with a chain back to back.  We put both tractors in low gear with one half throttle.  After the chain tightened, the "H" easily out pulled the "WC" !"

the mighty "H"

When we started farming, Jim used the "H" every day to pull the manure spreader.  However, several years into farming, we needed to purchase another spreader.  The new spreader had an end gate which was operated by hydraulics, and the hydraulic system on the "H" wouldn't operate the end gate.  So...Jim had to park the "H" and use the "M" for spreading manure instead.

Jim would have liked to keep the tractor, but in reality, we had no good place to store it.  So, regrettably, we sold the tractor several years ago.

We hope the new owner is getting enjoyment from that good old tractor!


  1. I must say, I'm a Case fan. That reminds me of the movie Footloose when they play chicken with the tractors. Boys and their toys!

  2. Alica it is all red here My Hero does not know of any colour. LOL nice story. B

  3. Kubota Orange here but I love ALL tractors. :)

  4. I like all kinds of tractors.
    I also like the song, "SHE THINKS MY TRACTORS SEXY" I think my dad had a Massey Ferguson on the farm when I was growing up all I know is they were the tractor that Canadians used they were red and black I loved to drive it and did so all the time lol. Have a good day !

  5. Red or Green - I enjoy them all.


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