Monday, November 13, 2017

Random Farm Photos...

I recently took part in a Facebook challenge to post black and white photos of things that are a part of my normal, everyday life. 

Here's a sampling...

Empty wagons, waiting for Jim to fill them with baled corn fodder...

The old tile silo at the other farm...

Jolyn, just being herself, hanging out on the windowsill near the heifer pens...

The ladder leading to the hay mow at the other farm...

Dust Bunny, patiently waiting for milk drippings after morning milking...

Milkers, cleaned and waiting...

Goof ball Phoebe, who thinks she's part human.  After all, that little picnic table was made for sitting at on, wasn't it?

The barn cleaner elevator...

Thanks for humoring me with your time!  There's something unique about black and whites, I think!


  1. I love b/w photos. I think they evoke a lot of feeling. Nicely done!

  2. I was asked to do this, too, but I haven't gotten it accomplished yet. I enjoyed your shots!

  3. Humouring you? It's my pleasure to read your blog!
    The perspective on that silo is so interesting, but I have to admit that I like the wagon photo best, probably because I can imagine them hitched up to horse teams instead of tractors.

  4. Love to here photos. Your farm is so clean and organized. I wish I could visit someday. The Black and White was a great idea.

  5. Excellent photos! I loved each one, esp. the animals!

  6. I like blck and white photos- they bring out details sometimes missed in color shots.

  7. Coughing cows....oh, do I ever understand!


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