Friday, May 19, 2017

Update...the War On Chickweed...One Month Later...

This is a happy story...

One month ago today, I posted about  the downside of a mild winter. Chickweed had overtaken my flower bed along the meadow fence. Granted, it's at a spot where weeds from the meadow can easily creep in, but I'd never had it look this bad in the spring.  Using mushroom mulch didn't help a thing, as it not only builds up the soil and feeds the good plants, but it feeds the weeds as well.

One month later, I'm happy to show you pictures, not only because it took a lot of hard work, but because I'm flower happy this time of year!

Most of the iris came from a former neighbor who grew hundreds of varieties to sell, as did the peonies.  The roses, which are struggling a bit, came from another neighbor.  That's just one of the beauties of can enjoy the flowers as well as the memories of friendship!

I know...the edges of this flower bed aren't straight...and that bugs me.  A lot!  Actually, the intended edge is straight...and mulched.  You can see it if you look closely. However, the chickweed also crawled into the grass.  The weed killer that I used worked quite fine...except that now I need to seed some new grass to fill in the gaps.

Here we go...

The peonies will be open any day now.  Their fragrance is wonderful! (and much nicer than what I'm smelling from the fields right now!)

Do you see who photo bombed my picture?!

Iris and peonies don't like mulch, as their roots need to be on the drier I mulched around them, leaving some space around each plant.  It doesn't look as tidy as I prefer, but whatever keeps them happy!  I also used regular bark mulch this year, hoping that it well better hold back the chickweed.

My war on chickweed isn't over.  It never will be, this close to the meadow...but for now I'd say this battle has been won!


  1. Oh yes, weeding and edging!! There's always something invasive you're battling against. Your irises are beautiful!! -Jenn

  2. Oh I know the war on chickweed will never be won here either but I also have a worst weed to battle with and it's the Creeping Charlie.

    You did a fine job of weeding those pesky chickweeds. Your irises looks beautiful.
    I always share my perennials with friends and acquaintances because i have too many but I hate to waste them. They bring me joy and joy is to be shared...

    I divided dug up my peonies last fall and divided them. I mulched them with straw, I knew it was not going to be good but I wanted the roots to take and there was so much creeping charlie in the old bed. The straw mulch kept the weeds away but I'll have to pull the mulch away from the plant base for blooms next year. That bed had been there for at least 38 years. The roots were monstrous so I only planted small pieces.

  3. Looks good! I've got some field drift too, so I understand your battle.

  4. Beautiful! Your beds are amazing. I love the bright yellow iris! I also have several plants from family and friends. It makes the garden even better. Good luck with the chickweed.

  5. Beautiful borders. It's so true about plant sharing... not only do you get great plants, but warm memories of the people that shared with you.

    Love the iris'. We received all of our iris' from a friend too, and we are just waiting for them to blossom.

    Glad you got your weed problem resolved. Once I get the beds cleaned out, I will use Preen, or corn meal to help keep weed germination down.

    Have a great new week.

  6. Alicia,
    Your flower bed is beautiful!


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