Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Down-side Of a Mild Winter...

We had such a mild winter this year, and for the most part we were thrilled...hardly any water lines freezing, very little snow to deal with, etc...

THIS, however,  is quite a  problem...

The chickweed is out of control in my iris bed beside the meadow!

Jenna started tackling it on her Easter break, but it's a horrid mess...

It's going to take LOTS of dirty hands...and knees...and patience until it's finished! Maybe even some weed killer.

I'll keep you posted,  as there will be much cause for celebration when it's finished!


  1. Oh poor you... I'm well aquatinted with chickweeds and there are two types. If you can pick them before the go to seed and keep up with them you might stand a chance but the worst to get rid of I find is the mouse ear chick weeds. They have tiny white flowers and are really stretchy when you pull on them.

    I have both of them in my gardens and it's a battle each year and my worst weed on the lawn is Creeping Charlie. They have invaded my whole lawn and are also creeping in my flower beds. So far I have resisted weed killer on them but it's very tempting, lol...
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I currently have two landscaping beds that need a re-do. Waiting for school to be over soon, so I have time to tackle that job! lol Good luck with yours!

  3. Funny how qick the weeds multiply. At a least the ground is still soft. Good luck!

  4. I have the same view towards weeds in my garden as I do to bugs inside my house - there are 158 other acres you can live on & I leave you alone, but cross my boundaries & it's no holds barred. And I always win.

  5. Like you I have a wonderful beds of weeds. Unlike you I haven't started on them and should.


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