Monday, January 23, 2017

January Happenings...

Goodness, it's been a while since I've posted! The hubbub of the holidays has passed, visiting family has returned home,a new year has begun and life goes on.

January hasn't been a very "eventful" month around here so far other than a few things I'll mention in a bit. Just the usual...feeding, milking, chores...feeding, milking, chores...every day.  We've had no major snow storms, no horridly long stretches of bitter cold, in fact a pretty mild winter so far.  Today is dreary.  Strong east winds and rain make for a good day to stay inside as much as possible.

As for those those few "fun" things that happened...

Jenna and I, along with a friend, flew out to Hesston KS for a college visit. We changed our flights due to the ice storm in the midwest, but we enjoyed the abbreviated time that we had there!  Numerous family and friends have attended the college, and it was fun to see it for ourselves...

The girls got a taste of college life by staying in the dorm with a friend, visiting classes, meeting with advisers and taking a late night run to a nearby town for donuts.  (I took advantage of a comfy bed in the guest house, and slept like a baby all night long...except for when I woke up on PA time just in time to head for the barn.  I will admit it was very nice to be able to fall back to sleep!)

On Tuesday, we were treated to beautiful blue skies!  And yes...this part of Kansas is flat as a stamp, just like it looks in this picture of the campus.  So different from home!

It was nice to break up the month with something different, but once again it's back to the routine.  It was nice to get away, but there's no place quite like home!


  1. I bet you enjoyed yourself. I remember going to Kansas and thinking the same thing. Stay warm.

  2. It's always great to get away. Glad to hear your visit went well!

  3. That's exciting, going college hunting! Who got stuck doing your chores while you were away? -Jenn

    1. It really was nice getting away, although I'm a very reluctant flier! Jim stayed home to milk, and a neighbor helped with the feeding. The original plan was for Jim to go, but we decided with the uncertain weather in the winter, that it would be best for him to be around here in case of snow.

  4. Glad the visit went well. Yes very flat out that way.
    Would be a great place to ride bikes. : )

  5. What fun! My Grandmother took me to check out my college. It is a very dear memory for me. I am glad you took the time for your daughter.

  6. Alicia,
    Glad your year is off to a good start. Uneventful can be a good thing. Also, glad you got to get off the yard for a trip.

    I haven't been past the mailbox, except to got to Church, in in over a week. I told J I need to get out before I go crazy! We need groceries and we might be going to a bull sale tomorrow. It will be refreshing to look at something else for a few hours.


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