Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Fence Check...

Ah, spring!

The windows are open, the birds are singing, and the cows are itching to be out in the meadow!  It's almost time, but the meadow grass needs a little longer to grow nice and thick so they'll not rip it up with their sharp hooves, and they'll actually have a meal rather than just a snack.

Last night Jim took the backs off the calf hutches...

The little heifers were so excited!  One of them actually ran and jumped out over the wire in the back and sprinted around the garden for a few minutes until she was corralled again.  This morning I snuck behind them and snapped a picture while they were busy eating their breakfast...

Now, they're all four laying out enjoying the warm sunshine.

This morning after breakfast, while Jim headed out to fill in some ground hog holes at the other farm, I did the spring fence check around the meadow.

Most of it was in fine shape, with a few minor exceptions.  We run two strands of wire around the meadow, for extra security, and the lower strand was too close to the ground here.  So...I decided to test the "rubber boot" theory...

You know...the one that says if you have on rubber boots, you won't get shocked? worked!  I pulled it up about 6"-8" with my toe, and it's good to go...

One strand of wire had slipped over the fiberglass fence post and was touching this old metal post, so I used my sweatshirt sleeve to grab the fiberglass post (they're full of tiny, almost invisible sharp pieces!) and bent it around behind the wire.  Now it's keeping the wire off the metal, which would cause a short...

The meadow is greening up nicely...

The west side of the meadow was in pretty good shape too.  Eventually some of the wires will need replaced, but for now they're ok.  There was a big piece of plastic that had blown across the fields and was tangled in the went into the trash...

As I was finishing up, I came across some "mystery" prints in the dirt near the waterway.  Hmm...could it be a bear print?

Probably not.

I think I found the culprit...

Yup.  It must've been Murphy!

On with this beautiful day!  There won't be enough hours in it, I'm guessing.

I'm linking up with Good Fences today.  Thanks, TexWisGirl for hosting!


  1. Cute shot of the calves...only been shocked a couple times with an electric fence and I definitely do not enjoy it. LOL. one time my hand slipped on the grip to open the gate with and my hand rammed so solidly into the electric wire coming from the other end. It was not fun!

  2. i thnk Murphy looks a bit guilty! Lovely post. Have a HAPPY EASTER.

  3. Fun shots of the calves behind the fencing. I bet they are itching to get out and enjoy the spring grass. Nice fences and Murphy looks pretty cute there.

  4. adore your sweet pup! big smile! glad the 'rubber boot' theory worked! yikes! picturing that calf running around made me grin, too. happy spring to you! hang in there, cows!!

  5. My husband, and his identical twin brother, used to hold onto an electric fence and see who would let go first. That is totally what is wrong with them! lol

  6. Your spring is so much more advanced than ours. The ground is still covered with snow and we're having freezing ice pellets tomorrow and it looks like there will be some cancellations.

    I love your calf set up. It's so nice having the calf hutches outside with a good long fenced in area for them to roam. Our set up isn't ideal.
    I love seeing the green grass growing.
    Happy Easter.

  7. It's always fun to watch the calves frolic. However, we are working another group of them today, so I hope they keep the frolicking at a minimum until we get the job done. Happy Easter!

  8. Happy Easter, Alicia! I hope you and your family have a blessed weekend.

  9. What lovely fences today. I shivered with the boot test.
    We don't have any hot wire right now, but I always say, I am the only one who gets shocked.
    Have a lovely Easter Alica!

  10. Lots going on. I like the calf pens. Very solid.

  11. That's a lot of fences!


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