Friday, March 11, 2016

Feeling Like Spring...

This spring like weather is beginning to feel like the norm! It actually lasted all week long!

I know, I know, it's March and it could change again quickly...but I'm loving it! Last year at this time it was bitter cold and we had snow on the ground.  I'll take this over that any day.  I've been chasing the winter blues away with some warm sunshine therapy!  This morning I got a nice walk in with a friend, and this afternoon I weeded another big section of my iris bed.

Jim started cleaning out pens this week, now that the ground is dry enough to spread manure.  He also helped me bed up the calf hutches today.  He filled feed bags with sawdust, and loaded them on the truck for me.  As you can see, I had other helpers too.  They watch...and look for any opportunity to hitch a ride...

The hutches are full right now.  This little gal doesn't miss a thing...

Checking out the fresh sawdust on top of the straw...

We took the back off this hutch the other day for better ventilation. The area the hutches are in is pretty well protected, so it doesn't catch the wind like the rest of the farm.  Soon we'll take all the backs off, and the calves will be able to enjoy laying outside in the warm sunshine...

It's also time for Friday's Hunt, hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.  This week's prompts are...

"Starts with K"

As I was switching out porch decorations this week (goodbye pine cones and anything remotely winter-related!) I got a text from my neighbor.  She was trimming her pussy willow bushes trees, and offered some to me.  Yay!  I found several uses for them, one of them being this watering can.  Little Ed, my garden kitty was hanging out on the porch while I was working.  Look where he ended up...

I snuck up on him with my camera to take a few pictures.  A few minutes later, he rolled over and fell off the table!  Don't worry, he didn't fall far.  I even think he landed on his feet, but I was too busy laughing at the look on his face to know for sure.  Silly kitty!

Next is my week's favorite...

Thursday morning, I noticed these...

I just love daffodils, probably because they're usually the first real sign of spring that I see.  Their cheery yellow faces make me smile.

And last but not least is flower...

What a perfect word for this week! In addition to the favorite greenhouse opened on Monday, and my car automatically turned in.  I bought some pansies.  And I went back on Tuesday and bought some more...

I don't often buy pansies, because we enjoy them for such a short time until it's time to plant other annuals in their place.  But with our early spring, we should be able to enjoy these for much longer!  Don't they make you feel happy inside?

No?  Oh well.  Have a great weekend anyway!  :)


  1. do cats always land on their feet?

  2. love your sweet kitten and happy calves.

  3. That is too funny about the cat falling off the picnic table. It reminds me of the time when we had three house cats and my son made a tall tower with shelves for them and I fed them catnip and they went absolutely crazy over it. One of the raced to the top of the tower and started rolling on his back and fell down 7 feet down and didn't get hurt.

    I think you're so lucky to have spring so early. Still nothing blooming here and the grass is still brown. We even had a light coat of snow yesterday morning. We have a fickle weather.

    I have to clean some calf pens inside the barn today. I bed with hay and they fill up fast. One of our cow calved during the wee hours of the morning and her large calf was dead when I got there this morning. She was mourning her loss the poor thing.
    Have a great weekend Alica.
    Enjoy your pretty pansies. They do make me happy inside and I plant some every year. I bought some seeds last week.


  4. That is funny about your cat! I've seen ours do it a few times over the years and they always look so embarrassed and indignant when it happens! It's nice to have that spring weather , isn't it! -Jenn

  5. Alicia, Pussy Willows are a great reminder of my childhood when we would walk the country roads and with our rubber boots on pick them to bring home. We made crafts with them and put them in vases. Sylvia D.

  6. Pansies make ME feel happy... and I have irises up about 8 inches now! YAYYYY!

  7. I love the watering can picture!!
    Sounds like a happy day at the farm. : )

  8. I right with you loving the weather too.

  9. I like each picture, love the cat sleeping, hope he is fine after his fall! I find your blog to be very interesting and love all your photos on here. I am a new follower to your blog.

  10. It think it is really rare when we are having spring at the same time. I think it is very nice. Everything is looking wonderful.

  11. yes i agree with you about the pansies and that one is a pretty colour. I love their little faces and how they are all different. Love all the crittters in this post as well. Enjoy your week ahead.

  12. Nice that you are getting some spring work done this early. I do hope my barn gets cleaned out this spring. With my hill, and the barn's location, I have a hard time getting that job done. How I would have laughed at the cat too! They are so funny. Beautiful flowers. I'm still waiting for outside flowers here. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt.

  13. Looks like spring has sprung your way we are getting there . Lovely post and photos , Silly Kitty . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  14. We are getting an early dose of spring on the prairie too. Sounds like we are in for a windy week with chances of moisture.

    I like the pussy willows in the watering can. What would we do without or 4 legged helpers?

    Enjoy your early flowers and I love the little white chair. Cute!

  15. Look at all your fun spring pictures! I love this time of year so much.


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