Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spreading Fertilizer...

All of a sudden, it feels like SPRING !!

This is day four of high 60's - high 70's like weather, and we're loving it!  The birds are singing, the dogs are being lazy in the sun, the perennials are poking through, we're feeling more energized from the beautiful warm sunshine, and it's a great feeling!

If you're a cat, you climb all over the barn windows...

Just because you can...

This morning a cart of fertilizer was delivered for Jim to spread on the meadows.  This time of year, everybody is looking for these carts, so as soon as they're delivered, you hook up...

You make sure everything's all set how you want for spreading...

...and off you go...

An hour later, you park, unhitch and call the fertilizer company to tell them you're finished, and they pick up the empty cart and fill it up for the next farmer...

Now all we need is a little rain shower and more of this gorgeous weather, and the meadow will be looking beautiful in no time!


  1. What a great set up you guys have. No need to buy the cart. Wishing you continued beautiful growing weather. We can't spread manure yet as the fields are still very wet and the river hasn't risen and crest yet. It makes operation kind of behind every time. I'm still waiting to see my first Robin. I can see it's warm over your place as your hubby is in T-shirt.
    Have a great farming day.

  2. I saw the title of your post and I got all excited. This time of year, I want a trailer like that. I would love to have that being bought to my field.
    I am so glad you are having such a nice spring. We will reach 80 today, but that is because we have about 6 days of rain in the forecast. I am pretty happy about it. Very cute kitty. They do like all of that warm weather too. Have a lovely Thursday!

  3. We are having lots of rain....Wait I will send it over. It sure does look like spring busy busy. Hug B

  4. Fertilizer trucks are everywhere here now! We need rain, too... 70 today but oh, how we need rain. We got only a little a few days ago.

  5. oh, that's cool. i thought you meant manure when i saw your title - brought back a lot of memories of spring thaws and 'odors' around the fields. :)

  6. Don't you love this time of year?!

  7. This is a great time of of year. We've had a couple of wonderful weather days too. Getting some rain today, maybe it will head over your way.n


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