Friday, November 21, 2014

A "Winter" Project is Underway...

I guess I shouldn't get ahead of's still fall, officially for another month yet.  But it sure feels like winter out there this week, and the "fall" work is finished.  Harvest...baling out heifer pens...winterizing the barn...all those things are finished, so we're considering projects for the winter.

Here's one that has been a long time coming.

The barn cleaner on the east side of the barn is in sad shape.  Can you see how it's bending in the middle? It also has holes in it where the liquidy manure trickles down through.  Manure does's corrosive, and time and the elements have taken their toll...

I've done several posts where we've replaced the barn cleaner chain here and here.  This time, we're replacing the whole elevator.

Jim ordered a new one from the manufacturer, and it came in two pieces. He picked it up this week...and next week when the weather is to be warmer :)...he's planning to put it in place...

I'll be taking pictures, I'm sure, and will do a post to show you what's involved.  It will be a day long project.  The chain will have to be completely removed....the old elevator removed, saving the motor...the new one put into place...the motor attached...and the chain replaced.

The last time we replaced an elevator (on the other side) was in March of 2009.  It was my Dad's 80th birthday weekend, and the whole family had been together on Saturday.  Sunday morning came, and in typical Murphy's Law fashion while Jim was cleaning out the gutters before Church, the chain caught on something and twisted the whole elevator, causing it to collapse. He scooped manure from behind the cows by hand for several weeks before a new elevator could be ordered and delivered.  That was a mess.  So...that's why he planned ahead for this one.  Hopefully all will go well!


  1. you brought back some wisconsin barn memories. :) good luck with the tear-down and install!

  2. Good luck with your new barn cleaner. We don't have any in our old barn and they use a Skidsteer to clean out the barn.

    Take care and stay warm.

  3. Sending good luck wishes your way.

    Warm wishes.

  4. I'm so glad you're getting it replaced before another break!

  5. Oh it sure is pretty. Good to be prepared. Hug B

  6. Most people who blithely help themselves to that gallon of milk in their grocery store have no idea what it takes to make that lovely piece of life happen.

  7. I am so glad he has planned this one so well. That couldn't have been much fun doing that all by hand. In the cold.
    I love looking at all the things you get to make it easier to work. I also like how they look when they are brand new. Stay warm.

  8. Whoa - that sounds like a BIG job to me. I do hope you have nice weather for doing it. It's been like winter here too. Will be looking forward to your steps in the building process.

  9. It looks like a good one- I hope it lasts as long as the old one. I wouldn't want to do that replacement too often.

  10. Oh...I know those days of scooping poop...just one cow makes a mountain in no time. Your new cleaner looks good! Terry found out we have more corn than the elevator wants so now we are going to have to fill the out the bins come spring will be our hard chore! :( But GOOD for YOU replacing before a mess is always a very good thing!



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