Friday, March 7, 2014

Randomness...Because It's Friday...

Here we are...Friday already!

It's been a busy week.  Winter is slowly loosening it's hold on us, or so it seems.  Who's March, and anything can happen...but the snow is slowly melting, and it's getting muddy.  I can't complain about the mud, though, after the looooong, cold winter we've had.  Spring must be coming!

Here are my five random things for this week...

1.  I tried something new today.  After reading about making Wool Dryer Balls ...and looking them up on Pinterest...I tried making my own today.

I bought some wool yarn (the kind that says to wash in cold and dry flat)...rolled it into balls while waiting in line at the car wash...and threw them into the washer and dryer with several loads of laundry this afternoon...

After more washings and dryings, they should become more felted.  I might experiment with using some essential oils in them to add some fragrance to the laundry.  We'll see.

2.  We finally got the yard cleaned up at our rental property, after the ice storm a few weeks ago.  The snow melted enough to allow access to...and to reveal more debris than we realized was there. We hired an Amish man with a chipper/shredder to clean up.  Nothing comes cheap, but it was worth it!

This is what it looked like the day of the storm...

3.  The smell of fresh baked peanut butter cookies is wafting through the house right now...

4.  It's getting easier to feed calves these days!  We're down to five that are on milk...from eleven.  Since the snow is melting, I can pull all my buckets down to the hutches on the wagon, instead of carrying water, milk and feed, two buckets at a time across the icy yard.

5.  Last but not is my Dad's 85th birthday!

This picture is almost two years old, taken on a Sunday afternoon hike at a wildflower preserve.  It is typical of him...the hat...the jacket...the walking stick (not a cane!).  I can almost hear him whistling under his breath!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Linking up again with Nancy, for Random Five Friday.


  1. Hi Alicia, I'm glad that you don't have to carry the heavy milk and feed so far now.
    That's is quite a job. Our calves are inside in the old barn with low ceilings but I have to carry their milk a far enough distance. I'll be glad when the weather melts all the snow.

    I've heard about the dryer balls but I've never tried them.

    Happy Birthday to your dad.


  2. precious photo of your dad! he looks very dapper. happy birthday to him.

    you and julia both work very hard. every day.

  3. I wish aromas could be carried through the internet....I'm trying to imagine the delightful smell of your cookies!

  4. Happy birthday to your dad! You're blessed that he is still with you. Mine would have been 80 on March 5, but he died 6 years ago...miss him so much!

    Can you mail me some of those cookies? I think I can smell them!

  5. Oh Happy Birthday to Alica's Daddy that is an awesome photo.
    Wow that is a mess I am curious does the Amish man run his chipper with a tractor or a horse?:)
    Cookies now I am hungry and it is 5;30 am Sat. I should be in bed:)
    Oh I am happy you do not have to carry the water anymore I remember I used to have to use a toboggan in the winter, just a thought. Only five left...yeah:)
    Have a nice weekend my friend. Hug B

  6. Happy birthday to your dad! :)
    Mmmm...peanut butter cookies sound really good right about now!

  7. Well you know I love the idea of hiring an Amish man to do your clean up! *sigh*
    And you dad is a handsome gent. Happy Birthday to him! xo
    (Thanks for joining in Alica -- much appreciated!)

  8. What a lovely Friday, I hope your dryer balls work and I love that picture of your Dad.

  9. So glad things are getting better for you. It really was a long winter. Happy birthday to your dad!


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