Saturday, August 24, 2013

Waterway Hay...

What is waterway hay, you say?

Well...we have several grass waterways on our farm, which are part of a conservation plan to prevent erosion, and to direct excess water to the proper place after heavy rains.  Several times during the summer, while he has his hay equipment out, Jim mows and bales the grass hay in the waterways for the heifers.

As you can see here, the waterways are long and narrow, and there's not room to turn around with a tractor, baler, and hay Jim bales the hay and lets it drop on the ground.  I'm not even sure how he turns just the tractor and baler around...but that's why he does it...and not me!

The kids and I went down to pick up the bales after milking tonight...

I got the easy job...driving the truck.  Jenna picked the bales up and tossed them onto the truck...

...and Eric stacked them up so they all fit on the back...just so...

Then we unloaded them in the barn.  They'll be used for feeding the heifers.

I took a couple of bales down to the hay racks in the meadow for the cows to snack on this evening, and these two supervisors came along.  They love riding in the truck, whenever they can!

Fourth cutting is almost over!  There's one more field to bale...hopefully Jim will be able to get it baled dry on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend...I hope it's as beautiful where you are as it is here!


  1. i'm gonna have to go buy some hay for my horses in the next couple of days. glad you're getting some great cuttings!

    your kids are great helpers/workers. not sure about those other two, but they sure are cute!!!

  2. I just love the pictures of your farm. Just beautiful.

  3. Are you serious!? Did you say the 4th cut? How do you manage that?!

    1. It' just the way our seasons are here, I suppose! First cutting is usually mid may..and every 3+ weeks thereafter! The last few years, we've actually had 6 cuttings off of a few fields. I don't ever remember that happening totally depends on the weather. These last cuttings are stretched out a bit, as the weather cools off and the hay doesn't grow back quite as fast.

  4. Glad to hear you are getting a fourth cutting. I do like your supervisors :)

  5. I love your helpers AND your supervisors! Bravo to all of them. I always learn so much from your blog, Alica!

  6. Nice to get some 'bonus' hay from the waterways. Your supervisors look to be taking their job very seriously! :)

  7. Loved seeing the hay photos. I miss picking hay up off the field.

  8. We put alfalfa in my waterways. As dry as we are this summer, we've still had some good hay off of them.

  9. So nice to have jobs like that. You have really good helpers.
    I have time today, I could run over and help.:)
    It is a beautiful day here as well. Have a lovely day too.


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