Friday, August 23, 2013

Here a Cat...There a Cat...

Remember this song?

Old MacDonald had a farm...E I E I O...and on that farm he had a cat...E I E I O...

Well, we feel like Old MacDonald, for sure!

Our favorites are the tuxedos.  Their personalities are very different from the others...they're very calm, friendly, affectionate, and smart!

Here's James...

I'm the hold out that won't allow a house cat.  But...if I were to give in, he would be the lucky one...

Then there's Gato...

He's full grown, but still loves to play like a youngster!  He takes on the roll of teacher and protector to the litters of kitties that are born,  teaching them to hunt and climb ladders.  He also followed  me around like a puppy this spring when I checked the meadow fence.

Here's Peanut's new litter.  She just moved them out of the straw mow, to a place where they have a little more room to explore...

And here's Fritz...

He hides in the flower bed by the house, preferring to keep to himself.  He's clearly a good hunter, because he's huge and healthy.

Last but not least, these are Jolyn's babies.  They're fully weaned, healthy, playful and tame, and are looking for good forever homes!

What would a farm be, without kitties?!


  1. i really miss my tuxedo barn cat!

  2. What a nice bunch of kitties you have there! They are all so cute! We have two kittens down at the barn and they are the friendliest little guys.
    I was the holdout on having a dog in the house...well, until Red came into our lives this week. (sigh) ;)

  3. You are indeed blessed with cats! We had white cats at home on the farm when I was a kid; along with a big striped tabby and a few others. When the kids were home we had a yellow cat named Fritz. He should have been named Kramer. Kinda nutso like the Seinfeld character!

    I can tell you like cats. I always have and I like cat people, too!

  4. Cats don't last too long outside here. Too many coyotes.

  5. You are lucky that your barn cat are healthy. They are so cute.

    Mine have caught some respiratory disease and I had the vet look at them. He gave them antibiotic but it didn't help. They pass it on to the little ones. It's more difficult to successfully treat barn cats as they have a lot of places too hide in our large barns.

    Have a nice weekend.

  6. They are all soooooooooooooo cute!!!! My home would not be a home without a cat or should I say cats

  7. I'd say your barn mice population is under control. LOL

  8. My gosh, you're over-run with cats!

  9. I miss having kitties, but we fixed all of our farm cats a couple of years ago. Lovin' all of the cute cat pics. Adorable. :)

  10. They all look so happy and healthy! You obviously take good care of your farm kitties. Hope you can find good forever farms/homes for the little ones.


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