Thursday, June 20, 2013

There's a Critter Eating the Beans...

This is what the soybean fields should look like about this time of year...

One of our bean fields, however, looks like this at the one end...

Something...or someone... has been eating having a feast...

The damage is bad enough that we will have to replant part of this field!

Any ideas from you, as to who or what has done this kind of damage?

Here's a hint...

Stay tuned to see if we catch the culprit!


  1. well, i was gonna guess deer, but by the size of that trap, i'm way off!

  2. ...or is it those wretched groundhogs? One is digging a hole big enough to drive a VW in under our tobacco shed.

  3. I was thinking Canada Geese or Wild Turkeys but now I am guessing Coons. That is too bad Alica I do hope you can catch whatever it is.
    Teresa's comment has me laughing out loud:) Hug B

  4. Me think that it's groundhogs. They love raiding gardens.
    Hope you can catch em.

  5. I'll go with the groundhog. Not my favorite animal! Right there with coons & possums.

  6. Wish I could see the tracks or chew marks on the plants... Then could make a guess.

  7. I hope you catch the culprit!

  8. Is it a raccoon? Or a lot of racoons? My goodness what destruction.
    Now I want to know.

  9. Well, my brother-in-law had this same look in his field a few years ago. I'm pretty sure I know what it is (especially, since I'm catching up in reverse order).


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