Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Walk In the Rain...

I just couldn't help it.

It started raining mid-afternoon today.  The mowing and trimming were finished just in time, and I was "stuck" inside, looking at the flowers out the kitchen window through a light drizzle.  Did you ever notice how the flowers have a brighter, more vibrant color during a light rain?  Everything looked so happy, getting a bath.  (Everything except for the kitties, that is.  They found their way inside...with a little help from ??... and curled up in a box on top of a warm, fuzzy blanket.)

Anyway...tonight after supper as I made my way through the rain to the compost pile with a bowl full of scraps, I took my camera along for the walk. Here are a few of my favorites...

Dr. Ruppel Clematis

Hydrangea...almost blooming!

Red Hot Poker

What kind of flower is this?

I know...that last one is a bit of a stretch.  Surely, not a flower, but they looked happy too!

Have you taken a walk lately in the rain?


  1. Beautiful, Alicia! I also love seeing my flowers in the rain - the colors just pop! And I agree - cabbages are pretty. :) I enjoy your blog! Carolyn K.

  2. Oh I love walks in the rain and we certainly are having our share of those. It is so cold I am expecting snow soon:)
    I love your photos with the water droplets it feels like I am walking right along beside you. Beautiful. Have a nice weekend. Hope the sun shines and the kitties are again out romping.Hug B

  3. we had rain here yesterday, too (the only bad thing was the hay pasture was due to be mowed! oh well...) i went for a short walk in the sprinkles, too. :)

  4. Beautiful flowers, Alica! You have a beautiful place in a wonderful area.

  5. I love a gentle rain too. Your flowersare beautiful. You are right about the colors beinng brighter.

    The guys started to mow on Wednesday. We are supposed to have rain later today. I just wish that we could have another day of sun.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh I would love to have a walk in the rain but I think it might not be until December. Not a drop. Isn't that sad. I love raindrops on flowers though. That is my favorite way of taking pictures.
    So nice you brought the kitties inside.
    It sounds really nice. Your cabbage is great. My DIL just made sauerkraut with hers. Her cabbage was so pretty too. Since I don't have a summer garden I am thinking of a fall one.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I do love how the rain makes everything look fresh and new! Lovely flowers, thanks for taking us along on your walk. :)

  8. Ahh, the better question is..."Has it rained, lately?"! LOL Actually, we did have a downpour last week, and you are right, a bit of a shower takes the dust off everything. It makes the greens, greener and all of the colorful flowers just pop!
    I love your picture a few posts back of the Amish team and your tractor. How very cool.
    Thanks for stopping by my Saturday Centus and leaving a comment. I do need to go back to my post and add that I'm not as nervous about the whole thing as I make out to be in the poem!

  9. I might be doing just that today! Lovely blooms!

  10. Beautiful ppictures..wish we would get some rain--99 degrees here and a hot southern wind to boot.

  11. Thank you for your rainy blog. We have so much to thank god for, its grea to see his hand even on rainy days. May the Lord Bless your family this busy summer and keep them all safe. Deb Martin Berkoski


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