Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Five Friday

Here is a smattering of what has been happening here this week...

1.  I hate bats.  I really, really hate bats.  Yesterday morning when I came in from the barn, Eric had left a note taped to the window, pointing out a bat that he had trapped between the screen and the glass.  First one of the summer, inside the house.  Did I mention that I hate bats?!

But...I was nice to it, although it took everything in me.

2.  We have two adorable kitties right now, that are spoiled rotten.  This one, Lulu, has a really persistent meow, and she's taken to climbing up either my mop or the rain spout, and hanging on the screen, begging to be left inside...

Did I mention that she's spoiled rotten?!

3.  We caught three ground hogs beside the soy bean field.  Yesterday, the end of the field was replanted...the critters ate almost half an acre!!

4.  Jim's been thinking ahead...we have at least three more hay cuttings to go, and we need more room for round bales, so he started stacking a few of them.  We've been seeing quite a lot of this...

5.  A garden update...I've been picking green beans, a few cucumbers, zucchini, digging some new potatoes, pulling red beets, and a second planting of radishes is doing well.  The weeds are growing... "like weeds!"... as we've had several inches of rain in the past week, and the heat and humidity are rising.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Bats and Cats and Groundhogs OH MY:)

    Wow you have a lot of hay done already we have no started it is raining again. Oh well when we do get started it is going to be very LONG days.
    Love the photos. especially spoiled kitty:) Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  2. Good grief -- a half an acre? Eating machines.

    I have an outdoor cat turned indoor cat that wants to be an outdoor cat -- when the weather is nice. Spoiled indeed. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing today Alica. I truly enjoyed your random facts.

  3. Oh a pity you hate bats, as they are so beneficial. I used to be sent on bat-patrol in HS, when the local church ladies would encounter a bat in the church office...

    A Ruger .17HMR will take care of that groundhog problem right quick!

  4. Wow, you have green beans and cukes already. Enjoy!

  5. I have never seen a bat and I am hoping I never do!

    We are "patiently" waiting for garden produce yet! My MIL did send some spinach and lettuce over last week since I didn't plant any of that but I am so anxious for my green beans! We LOVE green beans from the garden!

  6. we always had a few bats escape from the attic hatch and get in the old farmhouse in wis where i grew up. blood-curdling screams from us girls in the middle of the night always meant a bat's arrival. :)

  7. I don't care for bats either. My daughter stepped on a bat by the river bank when she was young and the bat let out a high pitch scream she let out a blood curling scream too. I came running and was expecting the worst of course, like a drowning or something.

    What is it with kittens who have persistent meows that they love climbing. I have one like that at the barn. Most annoying meow I've ever heard.

    Rain, more rain, thunder and more rain in the forecast. No sun. Cold and damp.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. I just popped over from Nancy's A Rural Journal for a visit and am very happy I did. Don't think I've seen bats at my barn/home here in New Hampshire but I was thinking about building some bat houses because we have such an awful bug issue here with black flies, deer flies and mosquitos I could use some environmentally correct help in getting these little pests under control. I'd rather the bats ate them than the mosquitos eating me! :D
    We too are having a ton of rain and cool but humid weather... nothing is growing in my garden except the weeds which of course excel no matter what Mother Nature throws at them... *sigh*
    Well, I'm off to wander around your blog and visit for a bit longer...
    Hugs and nice to meet you,
    Beth P

  9. The picture of your kitty on the screen made me laugh. I have a cat who is very talkative and can have rather loud mrows. Very annoying, but he is also a mellow fellow.

  10. My granddaughter is right up there with you, she hates bats, too.
    I'm not too crazy about them myself. But, I never see any so I don't worry about it.

  11. I love bats! And they are beneficial. But... i've never had one in my house.. lol

    Rodents have big appetites.

    And we have four spoiled rotten kitties. All adorable, and they know it! Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Who knew groundhogs could eat so much?

  13. Those wrapped bales of hay are beautiful, Alica, and to think, you're on third cutting already! We are still on first here.

    I am looking for some good brome square bales this weekend for the goats... and to start laying in a supply for the coming winter.

  14. I don't like bats either. It's more of a fear of them. I fear that they have rabies. I used to work for the health department and heard too many stories about bats with rabies.

    We have two very spoiled cats. But I think cats are supposed to be spoiled, right? :-)

  15. Bats are the varmint we have not been bothered far.

    I had no idea groundhogs could do so much damage. I sure hope you have caught all the guilty parties and the second planting does well.

    You hay has such a beautiful bright green color.....unlike our local fescue hay.

  16. I like bats, but not in the house. I'm happy to see you have a lot of hay. It was in very short supply around here last year. Glad you have been a happy busy.

  17. I am so jealous all you are getting out of your garden and so early in the season...any lima beans i will be happy to take :)

  18. See that I missed a few weeks and come to find out it has gone batty here lol

  19. So I take it to mean that Lulu gets inside? ;) Well, mothers cannot resist piteous cries of little things, I find.


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