Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watching the Barley Grow...

When you think of planting seeds and watching them grow, do you normally think of this time of year?  This kind of weather?

Barley is one of those crops that is planted in the fall as a cover crop, and harvested in the spring.  A few weeks ago, Jim had some barley seed delivered...

Last Friday, October 7th, he drilled the seed into the field behind the barn where the corn was chopped for silage. 

Filling the grain drill...

I just love looking at a freshly seeded field.  The ground looks so smooth, and the rows are so straight...

The weather this past week was perfect for sprouting the seed...the soil was still moist from all the rain we've had, and with temps in the mid 70's, it has grown quickly....just five days later, those little green spikes are about an inch high!  Jim saw them yesterday, and so this morning my camera and I went to see for ourselves.  And yes, Murphy was along...that's her foot in the corner of the picture...

The purpose of this barley crop will be three-fold...'s a cover crop over the winter to help prevent erosion
Second...we will harvest the grain next June for a cash crop...then we will plant either late corn or soybeans in that same field for a second crop
Third...we will then bale the remaining straw for bedding

So...even though we're headed into the season where most things are dying and turning brown, we have some green to look forward to!


  1. Grain crops planted before snowfall are one of the first to welcome warmer weather. Sort of hope planted to cheer us when we know we'll need it most. Best wishes for a bounty of barley.

  2. Oh I love the seeding time planting a little seed in the soil and watch it grow this still amazes me. Great farm post. B

  3. So nice it's coming up. Our seed in pasture is also sprouting.


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