Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happily Married...18 Years!

Eighteen years ago tomorrow...

It was a beautiful day, just like today!  Blue, cloudless sky, cool and crisp...picture perfect...our wedding day...

These lovely ladies were my bridesmaids...and my two adorable 23 and 20 years old...were my flowergirls. 

Jim's groomsmen and ushers...(some of them had a little more hair eighteen years ago!  : )

This is one of my favorite pictures.  After the ceremony, at the back of the Church, my 91 year old Grandpa was giving us advice!  His health was failing, but we are so glad he, and several other grandparents, were able to be at our wedding...

Jim was known to be a bit...ahem.."fashionably challenged".  Unbeknownst to him, his groomsmen raided his closet, and during the reception, put on a fashion show, especially scripted to fit him. 

l-r:  Phil sports the "Show Ease Stall Co, skiing look",  Jeff models the "MGB cruising look" (Jim's first car was a MGB), Dave sports the "European farmer" look (Jim bought that hat on a trip to Austria long ago), and Craig models the "Motorcycle cruiser" look...we laughed until our sides ached... 

And last but not brother in law has a "special talent" for writing songs about just about anything.  I asked him to write a song for Jim at our wedding, and he took the liberty to write it about how we met.  (We met when I cashed his paycheck at the drive up window at the local bank).  My sisters then sang it at the reception, to the tune of "The Lady and the Crocodile"...

It happened this way, on a sunny, summer day
As he pulled in the bank drive-thru
He said "My what a lass, sitting there behind the glass...
Could I do business with you?"
Such a handsome man with a studly roofer's tan
What was a girl to do?
So she told him with a grin, "send your money right on in
And I will take good care of you!"

But he just couldn't stay, 'cause the Lord called him away
To the other side of the world
And the lovely lass was stuck there behind the glass
A poor and lonely girl...
So she spent the time counting nickels, counting dimes,
Her nerves were all awhirl
When her drive-thru man came home
She said, "You'd better stay at home
'cause I really want to be your girl!"

It was Christmas in the land when the ring went on her hand
He said, "May I marry you?
Won't you come with me, said the boy on bended knee
Milk the cows and feed them too?"
"Oh yes!" she said, "in October we can wed.
Without you, what would I do?
Though I love to handle green
I'd rather be a dairy queen...
So come on, we've got some chores to do!"

And there you have it...that was just the beginning! 

*wedding photos taken by Charles Studio...used by permission


  1. Happy Aniversary . Lovely photos. Have a wonderful day.

  2. What a nice song and such a beautiful bride and groom. It all goes by so fast doesn't it?
    I love your dress and the little girls are so cute.
    Have a wonderful Anniversary. Congratulations!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I hope you have wonderful day

    big hugs from Indiana

  4. Singing that song was a hoot, and watching your faces was priceless. And my, how those little girls have grown.

  5. What fun! Thanks for sharing such a special day. Congratulations on 18 years!

  6. What wonderful pictures! I love the song~sounds like a fun wedding. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Your dress is lovely!

    Had a chance to peek at some of your other posts and plan on visiting again.

    The smiling pig at the very bottom of your blog is a hoot!!!!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a cute song!!!

  9. Happy Anniversary!! What fun memories of your special day!

  10. How fun! Love the song, and what great memories of your special day. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary I love the song it is so cute how you met.
    Nice outfits. You all look smashing. B

  12. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!
    Loved the pictures.

  13. I love your dress! It looks like you had such a good start to your marriage (and a lot of fun!) that it has lasted all these years, and, I hope, many more!

  14. I think I know one of those little flower girls! She made a wonderful camp counselor this past summer at the camp our boys go to!! :-)


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