Thursday, September 8, 2011


Rain, rain, go away...

What an unusual week!  The rain began on Tuesday's now Thursday noon, and it's still raining!  We've emptied our rain gage several times, and the total for the past three days is nearing 8".  Add that to the 3.5" we had last weekend from Hurricane Irene, and you've got a lot of water with nowhere to go.Many people have water in their basements, not to mention some people along the river being evacuated. 

We have much to be thankful for...we live on a hill... we don't have to drive to go to work...and we have a warm, dry place to go to after working outside in the rain all morning...

The kids are enjoying an unexpected day off, due to flooded roads.  It was a good time to read about the Phillies' win, with a little help from some friends...remember them?

They are not and will NOT be house kitties, but they sure are cute!

Rain, rain, go away, don't come back for many days!


  1. We have had a few days now of rain as well and cool fall like weather. Have a wonderful day !

  2. They may not be house kitties but they sure look comfy in the the rule that they must stay in a lap?...Rhoda

  3. Wouldn't it be nice if you could send the rain away and choose where it would go? Glad you're safe and dry. I must say that I agree with Rhoda~they look awfully comfortable, and it does appear that they are in a house. Otherwise, you have an awfully fancy barn.

  4. Those not house kitties sure do look comfortable. Hope your rain stops soon. B

  5. Yes, I know..the kitties look rather comfy...but yes, Rhoda, they have to stay on a lap! Their sister doesn't sit too well, so she had to stay outside. :)

  6. I hate to inform you, but I think you have it all wrong! those sure look like house kitties if I have ever seen one or two! my guys are not house kitties, I try to bring mine in and they sit at the door and howl to get out no matter what the weather is, Yep.....your darlings don't look like they want out tooooo bad!!!!! LOL!!!! Love it!


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