Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ag Bag Row...

I call it Ag Bag Row...

The yard on the north side of our house is full of marshmallows...more than we've ever had before, and here's why...

This year has been challenging weather-wise to say the least!  We had an extremely wet spring...had a horrid stretch of hot, humid weather in July...had several weeks with no rain...then we battoned down the hatches for Hurricane Irene one weekend...and then amost drowned from Tropical Storm Lee the very next week...

   We prefer feeding good quality dry hay to the cows, but sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.  In the middle of the summer when the sun is hot, Jim listens for a forecast of three to four good drying days before he mows hay.  This summer was unusual!  We have one full hay mow of dry hay upstairs in the barn, and part of another, but a lot of the hay was baled wet, in round bales, and then wrapped.  After baling, the bales are left to cure for at least two weeks before being opened and fed.  This is what we call "Balage".

Jim marks them with spray paint, so he knows which field they came from, and sometimes the date they were baled...

E4...fourth cutting, from rental ground at "Esbenshades"
TS...this hay was from next to the "tobacco shed"
H5...fifth cutting from "home"
OFWP...from the "other farm" next to the well pump
OF5  9/19...fifth cutting from the "other farm"...baled on September 19th

We're almost finished with fifth cutting, and will possibly get a sixth off of some fields!  We'll see...

Ag Bag Row might not be quite done growing!

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  1. 6 cuttings! we are lucky to get 2. Usually it is only one. You are very fortunate!

  2. Hay is the topic of the day! I've never seen those marshmallows before. Looks pretty cool all lined up.

  3. Wow six cuttings I am exhausted after just two. We are so lucky Alica all those poor farmers not even getting one. Like how you explained the makings. B

  4. Six cuttings! You must be doing nothing but milking and making hay!


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