Friday, November 19, 2010

One lonely flower...

Yesterday was another beautiful day.  Sunny skies (at least in the morning) and mild temperatures were just begging me to get some work done in the yard.   So...I got out my rake, the wheelbarrow and my trimmers and headed for the perennial bed.

Imagine my surprise, when underneath a pile of leaves, I uncovered this one lonely flower!  It looked quite happy there, blooming all by itself in an otherwise drab looking bed  of leaves and neglect...

You never know what you might find underneath all the yuck!

And...just moments after I took the picture, the dog ate it!!  Murphy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think that is a hellebore, or Christmas Rose. Blooming a bit early I think :)
    Am I right?


  2. I'll be honest with you, Shelah...I don't remember what it is. You might be right. I planted it this spring, and didn't keep the tag. The flower looks alot like my other Hellebore, but the foliage doesn't quite match. I was thinking it's a type of Wind Flower, but not sure...

  3. It's Pasque Flower - very pretty!

  4. Thanks Carolyn,

    You are my flower encyclopedia! :) Now that you say the name, I do remember!


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