Monday, June 4, 2018

And Then It Rained...Again...

I'm sure there are many of you who are desperately in need of rain, and would be thrilled for a thunderstorm to roll through...but we are totally saturated here, and need some warm sunshine to dry out the fields!

Several weeks ago we had ten or eleven days straight of rain, and this weekend we just had another 4".

Some things are quite happy about it...

The grapes are flourishing...

The basil is quite happy, while the rosemary is tolerant but not thrilled...

The gerbera daisies have mixed feelings.  I have five pots sitting on this bench, and this one isn't very happy.  Too much water in the crown has caused the leaves to rot and fall off.  This one bloom, however, is persevering and trying desperately to open despite it's less than ideal circumstances...

The corn is struggling.  A lot of the corn came up nice, although it was pretty hesitant to poke through during that first week of rain.  Several areas were replanted, and that corn popped up quickly last week, just in time to lay underwater again.  This is mild.  Driving around in the area, some fields look like ponds.  There will be some permanent damage from too much moisture, and it will be interesting to see what kind of yields Lancaster County has this year.  Unlikely a repeat of last year's bumper crop!

The beans that were planted on Monday are starting to pop up...

Down to the garden...

The tomatoes seem really happy after a slow start.  So does the barley that sprouted from the straw I mulched with.  As soon as I can walk in there without sinking in, I'll have to do some weeding.

And...the verdict is in on the four-year-old seeds.

These are the green beans...

...and the limas are trying.  Really trying.  It could be the age of the seeds or all the rain, I'm not sure, but they're trying.

I sure wish I could send some of our moisture to those of you who need it!

Hoping for some sun!

**In regards to the question I asked on this post last week...that's a soybean planter in the pictures.  It's all folded up for transporting on the road, so it's a guess, really, for most people to know what was being planted!


  1. Here in KY we have had some heavy rains, too! I hope you dry out a bit!

  2. Oh Alica, I'm so very sorry about your problem of too much rain. Farmers are at the mercy of the weather. I hope that you get some sun soon.

    A few days ago, it was 86 ℉ and it came so suddenly and yesterday and today , it was chilly. I had to bring my transplants inside because of danger of frost.

    We still don't have our planting done. I find once the beans have a hard time at first. I usually have to plant them again as they don't seem to recuperate.
    Wishing you some warm sunshine.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. The rain can be both blessing and curse. I don't think anyone around here as been able to put out their corn, and no hay has gotten made. But our yard and garden are flourishing. I enjoy your blog even though I don't comment too often.

  4. I think it would be so wonderful to have rain, but living in a desert, you know. I love how green every thing is, it really rests my eyes to look at your pictures. At least everything is growing now. I am glad you said what that machine was, we don't have many soybeans out here so I would have never guess. Have a lovely week Alica.

  5. Here is hoping for sunshine. It looks quite soaked there. When the sun comes out things will grow like crazy!

  6. If you can figure out how to send some of your rain to Kansas, it would be most appreciated! Thankfully, we had a little bit as the wheat was filling, so things could be worse. It's a little cooler this week (as compared to late July temperatures last week), so that's nice, too. Our corn could use some rain.

  7. Too much of anything is just too much! I hope you get some drying weather soon!

  8. I've often wondered why, since they build pipelines all around the country to carry oil, we can't have similar pipelines for water so that we could spread the wealth around.


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