Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Hallway...A Winter Project, Finally Finished!

Two months ago, I posted about a winter project that we were tackling.  You can read it here...

Our hallway project is finally finished!  That's a good thing, because spring is finally here and it's time to be outside!

I can't say thank you enough to my friend Bonnie, who blessed me by helping with the elbow grease...gave much wisdom...and encouraged stick-to-it-ness...that made the project not only lovely, but fun!  My sister Mary also helped with the painting!

In the previous post, I had pictures of the mess that tearing off wallpaper makes, and the clean, bare walls.  Here are a few more pictures.  I used Benjamin Moore White Dove on the trim.  The banister took forever to paint!  Here it is, showing the contrast between the old and new...

I'm leaving the top rail stained dark.  It just needs to be cleaned up a little...


...and after on one of the bedroom doors..

Here are a few with the final coat of paint.  I used Benjamin Moore Cedar Key on the walls...

I really like this one, because you can see the trim, the walls and the dark rail all in one picture.  I like the contrast!

After the painting was done, we ripped out the old wool, gold carpet.  We entertained thoughts of not re-covering the steps, but that thought only lasted for a few fleeting moments!  The edges were sharp, the steps were cold, noisy, and didn't meet the wood work tightly.  Another generation can uncover them if they want!

Finally, the carpet went in!  There were a few little snafus, and the steps aren't yet completely finished, but you get the picture!  It's always a little hard to see true colors unless you're there in person, but once again, you get the idea!  The carpet color is called Mushroom.  We had considered using a carpet with more color, but Bonnie suggested that a more neutral color would make it easy to decorate in any way that I wanted, and change it around for a lot less than changing the carpet!  Wisdom...

And now for decorating...

I wanted a round mirror for the top of the steps outside of the bathroom, and I found one!  It just about jumped out and bit me, literally!  I hung it a little low, so think I might make a long narrow wooden sign and hang it above the mirror.  I had found the green metal table at Ross a few years ago...

This is my reading nook at the east end of the hallway.  We already had the lamp and the chair, and I found inexpensive sheer curtains at Target that blow in the breeze, just like I had hoped!  I found the table at Home Goods for a good price.  It had some damage on it that was significant enough to warrant a big markdown, but not enough to compromise it structurally!  I just turned that corner to the wall.

I've only used this nook a time or two, but I anticipate getting much reading done here in the future!

This woolen lap robe belonged to my Grandpa Herr, who would have used it in the 1920's or before.  I think the railing is a great place to hang it, adding color to the hallway, and finding a way to display a family treasure.  It gets no direct sunlight here, so it shouldn't fade!

This transom window was found in the attic.  I cleaned it up, sanded it a little, and will add some metal hooks to it.  Hanging it horizontally in the hallway at the bottom of the steps to the kitchen will give us a place to hang light coats, etc.  Old farm houses never have enough closets, so this will be a great addition, and will keep with the farm house decor...

You never know what you might find in the attic!  We have some old window frames that have some potential as well!

So there you have it...a long overdue winter project that is finally...(as soon as the rest of the carpet for the steps comes) finished!


  1. Wow! It looks so cleeeeeean. Doesn't it make you just want to go and stand in the hall and look around? 😊

  2. It looks gorgeous! We have 9 days of school left and then I am on to painting our trim and some walls. Also our staircase!

  3. Oh how pretty it all turned out. I love all of that detail on the doors and your stairway is beautiful. I bet you are so excited about it now. I love your little reading nook. Isn't it funny to find all of these things that have been put away, and now they have turned into treasure? I love it all and you did so much work. I love your paint colors too. Its a really great job.

  4. Great job, it looks just fantastic (totes adore hanging your Grampas' blanket on display too)!
    I was just thinking how funny it is that some people would have taken that gorgeous hall and the ballusters and rubbed some of the paint off to give it an 'old' look, and then called THAT their remodel! ;-)

  5. Alica this looks AMAZING! So glad I get to see what we talked about while you were here! You've done a great job! It always feels so good to accomplish something like that!

  6. WOW! It turned out really nice. I like the colors. I've been painting also...but just fences :)

  7. I'm super impressed! It turned out fabulous! You did an excellent job. I especially love the reading nook! YoushYou s be on TV remodeling shows. No like yours ten times better than what they do on tv. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Wow, Alica, your place looks amazing, like something you'd find in a decorating magazine. I agree with the neutral color. You did a super job.
    It's amazing what a little pain can do to beautify a place. You must be so satisfied.
    Hugs, Julia


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