Friday, October 14, 2016

First Frost...

After a record setting hot summer, we woke up on Tuesday morning to our first frost...

It wasn't a hard, killing frost, but a sure reminder that the seasons do change, as always!  Our typical "frost date" here is around October 15th, so it really wasn't that early.  It's been flannel shirt and jeans weather in the barn (for me at least), and that's a welcome change...

The cows have been staying in overnight the past few days, and the tender plants on porches are gradually moving inside.

The puppies are spending their nights in the barn too.  They're seven weeks old now, have had their vet checks, first round of shots, etc, and are for sale, available for adoption next weekend!  They're so sweet...but I feel like the Mom of seven toddlers, continually counting heads when they're out for playtime.  Oh my.

The wear themselves out playing. Here they're playing tug of war with a dog toy...
(photo courtesy of my friend Denise who came to visit yesterday with her daughter)

...and then they crash...

Just like toddlers!

We're going to miss them when they're gone!


  1. Being south of you we haven't received our first frost yet, about 3 weeks behind you and I and so looking forward to it. The puppies are so cute, you should have no problem finding them a home.

  2. My son would be in love. He'd like to have dog, but he says he needs a farm dog. Since he lives in town, that's not possible. His brain and his heart are on different pages - at least, right now!

    We have had cooler weather this week, but the weatherman says it's supposed to return to summer this weekend. That's not OK with me, but Mother Nature didn't consult me. Imagine that!

  3. We've had light frost in Ontario, but not the big "Killing frost" yet. The days always manage to warm up, though. -Jenn

  4. 6 days in a row of snow here, so far. Lucky you with just some frost! :-}

  5. oh, those pups... precious lives and exuberance!

  6. The puppies are getting big. We had some patchy frost in our area but it was not a killing frost. They announce some frost for the morning. I've been planting tulips and I'm not done. We got all our squash, potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes harvested before it rained and what a bumper crop we had this year.

    Take care, Happy October.

  7. Had our first frost here too.
    Just couldn't talk my husband into one of the puppies. : (

  8. How nice you had your first frost. I wish we would get one soon, but I think it will be awhile at we go back to 90 by next week. I love your puppies they have grown up so fast. I bet you are going to miss them so much.

  9. Puppies are always so adorable.... I can see how you will miss them :)
    Not looking forward to winter.. with the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, but I'm glad it's not so hot anymore too!

    Have a nice new week.



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